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Smart Hands Data Center

How Volico’s Smart Hands Services Can Accelerate Your Growth

Sooner or later, every IT department faces a situation where an urgent task needs to be done, but no team member is available to complete it. In this scenario, the simplest of tasks, like plugging something in, can turn into an issue if no one’s there to execute it. Complex technical tasks require even more attention. Smart hands services have been created for this exact reason: to make sure someone’s always available to complete small but important tasks. But its benefits go further.

Borrowing the hands of professional onsite technicians, electricians, and mechanical experts for diagnostics, troubleshooting, maintenance, and other services can ensure that operations are always running smoothly and without unnecessary interruptions and obstructions. Smart hands services aid companies in cutting the costs of downtime, allowing them to focus their resources on their core goals.

This article explores how smart hands services can save your company money and your employees time by lifting the burden of infrastructure maintenance from your organization’s shoulders. Here’s how it can give your business a boost.

Local Support as a Service

Smart hands services and remote hands services are two kinds of technical support services your data center provider can offer. While there are differences between the two, both services allow clients to delegate certain tasks to the provider’s team of on-site technicians. Remote hands services involve completing IT support tasks like installation, checking upon hardware and accessories, replacing drives, moving and managing network cables, power cycling, etc, while smart hands data center services typically involve somewhat more complex duties.

What smart hands services include

If we want to define these services in a nutshell, they involve completing technical tasks on-site by the data center provider’s team. Because the technician has to open the data center cabinets and work with the equipment and servers, smart hands services require specialist expertise. Suppose your equipment and servers are in a remote location far from your company’s offices in a colocation data center. In that case, professional smart hands from your provider can ensure performing specific operations without your team having to be present. Smart hands services typically complete the following chores.

  • Administration and supervision of equipment
  • Cable and cable connection management
  • Circuit testing
  • Installing and configuring equipment
  • Firewall setups
  • Threat detection
  • Troubleshooting system errors
  • The automation of different maintenance tasks
  • Advanced overall technical maintenance

Smart Hands Data Center

How Smart Hands Services Can Accelerate Your Growth

Remote hands services and smart hands services can take the complexity of these management tasks away from your team and let your organization focus on more important tasks. Finding a reliable provider that can offer you these services can benefit your business in several ways. Here are a few reasons for leveraging these services:

Benefit of Expert Technical Support and Free Up Your Team

Technical support services on-site can make a significant difference in saving your company time and money. Having instant access to a team of trained experts can be very liberating when you encounter system management, mechanical, or power distribution issues that need immediate attention. Our team of professionals at Volico Data Centers ensures high-quality, high-availability smart hands services your company can rely on for emergencies and maintenance.

Fast Response Time and Support

Maintaining the uptime and reliability of an IT infrastructure is not always easy. Because of this, having someone available any time an issue arises can be a lifesaver. Hardware maintenance, troubleshooting, or installing a piece of equipment when required can make all the difference in minimizing downtime and preventing productivity setbacks for your business. On top of that, our round-the-clock support technicians at Volico can answer any questions that emerge and can execute upgrade requests instantly.

Heightened Security

Data security can be fragile if regular maintenance and backups are not ensured. Professionals handle server maintenance tasks, upgrades, and monitoring services that make the early identification of threats possible. A quick incident response in case of a data breach, for example, can save an organization from disaster. Smart hands can provide a quick response to security incidents, implementing the necessary measures to prevent threats and block out unauthorized intrusions into the servers, the network, or the system.

Easy Scalability

When expanding your infrastructure to remote locations, you want to make sure your provider offers the technical support your equipment needs. If expert help is available, setting up a new office in the new location to manage your infrastructure is no longer necessary. Smart hands offered by your provider can make sure that all the steps needed for scaling up your operations are completed efficiently. Volico’s colocation data center facilities offering smart hands enable global expansion through providing professional support in crucial locations for international growth.

Also, in case a company is downsizing, decommissioning hardware and reconfiguring setups for optimization can happen seamlessly with smart hands services. These services allow your company to scale its IT infrastructure efficiently without needing to deploy extensive in-house resources.

Smart Hands Data Center

Mitigate Downtime and Disruption Risks

Smart hands services can lessen the chance of downtime and disruption risks by providing technicians available 24/7 who can react to emerging issues immediately. Our technicians at Volico Data Centers are verifying functioning and checking hardware regularly, ensuring that everything is working properly. These small actions can be all it takes to reduce the risk of downtime. In more complex or unforeseen cases, our skilled technicians can promptly identify and resolve issues like hardware failure or network glitches. Regular checkups can prevent potential problems before they escalate into more serious disruptions.

Ensure Your Data’s Safety With Backup Management

While many backup tasks can be either automated or managed remotely, there are scenarios where smart hands are needed to complete backup activities. For instance, if your backup strategy involves the use of physical tape backups that are stored offsite for disaster recovery, smart hands services ensure the swapping and transportation of the tapes. Smart hands handle the routine maintenance of tape libraries, and also upgrading the hardware. In the event of a catastrophic failure or data loss incident, smart hands are needed to retrieve backup media from storage and make sure that the restoration process is executed properly to the new hardware. Testing and validation of backups are also done by smart hands.

Smart Hands Services Help You Save Money

In the end, it all comes down to the bottom line for everyone. For many businesses, it’s not necessary or cost-effective to maintain an on-site team of experts to handle these tasks. In these cases, opting for smart hands data center services is the easiest and most convenient way to ensure that these tasks are completed. Smart hands cost much less than a personal crew of technicians. Moreover, it’s a small price to pay compared to the costs of a data breach incident and downtime. Your time is worth money, and these services ensure the prevention of downtime and a quick recovery in case of an incident. Optimizing resource utilization, extending the lifespan of expensive equipment, and avoiding unnecessary capital expenses on new hardware and infrastructure all contribute to providing a cost-efficient and secure long-term solution.

Endow Your Business With Volico’s Smart Hands Services

To draw the conclusions, smart hands data center services can offer many advantages that can boost the efficiency of a business. Our dedicated team of on-site professionals are available 24/7 to jump on any emergencies your equipment might need. Businesses are invited to make use of our colocation facilities and leverage our expert level resources like our smart hands services to oversee server management and servicing.

To learn more about how Volico Data Center’s smart hands and remote hands data center services can improve your business’s efficiency, call (305) 735-8098, or chat with a member of our team of experts to discuss details.


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