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Partnering with Volico means being more than just a reseller, we are dedicated to earning and keeping your business, and ultimately helping you become more profitable.
Volico strides and excels in intellectual reinforcement for our Partner Community. Volico employs colleagues to provide one on one service support, commission support, sales assistance, marketing assistance, and business development to our partners. Volico dedicates 100% of its’ indirect sales department resources to our partners. Volico never competes with our partners for end-user customers. Volico offers distinct Partner Programs that allow new and existing partners the flexibility to choose the right combination of commissions, support, and revenue commitment to fit their business.
Volico understands that your business requirements are unique. Therefore, we offer a very generous and profitable opportunity relationships for resellers and referral partner programs with an incredible one on one service support, commission support, sales assistance, marketing assistance, and business development in order to sell or refer Volico solutions to their customers in exchange for a recurring commission. We are committed to our associates in the same way we’re dedicated to our clients so expect incredible service and tools that automate and simplifies your ability to receive payments and refer more and more business to us.

We offer 2 exclusive partnerships opportunities; select the right program for you:


Offer clients a wide-ranging solution to meet their business needs, objectives and customers. We will provide marketing support and a training program to help you become successful and profitable, earning significant commissions from any sales of Volico services that you close.
The greatest partner option for master agents, agents, and independent consultants. You refer to Volico any qualified opportunities for colocation, cloud hosting or managed services, and we take care of support and sales. You earn commissions from any closed deals.



✓ Dedicated Channel Account Manager

✓ Volico Engineered Hosting Solutions for reliable uptime

✓ Ability to add new recurring revenue stream for the life of the customer

✓ Exclusive SWAT Program to assist you in closing your large and complex sales

✓ Unrivaled sales and engineering team members dedicated to your opportunities

✓ Direct deposit of monthly commissions – on time, every time

✓ Real-time access to meaningful information to help you build your business

✓ The most diverse Hosting Services Portfolio to meet all your customer’s requirements

✓ Expand customer relationships by offering cutting-edge solutions to impact your clients’ business productivity and increase ROI

Why Partner With VOLICO?

Volico is a premium Tier IV data center provider offering high-density and high-availability colocation for any size enterprise. Customers and prospects are weighing their options on how to leverage cloud, server hosting and data center colocation strategies to gain greater effectiveness and lower their overall IT operational costs. When you partner with Volico, you can offer your customers more while potentially lower their costs and earning additional revenue.


Ready to take the next step? Fill out the form below for more information or call at 754 227 4837 to discuss your business objectives.

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