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Enjoy top-tier data center colocation with secure, direct, and dynamic connectivity to leading telecommunications carriers, ISPs, and hyperscale cloud providers.

Our high-performance interconnection services provide virtual or physical connectivity to your customers, partners, and vendors while delivering redundant network and reliable infrastructure.


CONNECTIVITY SOLUTIONS Benefits & Differentiators

Carrier-neutral data centers
 Consistent, low-cost interconnection pricing
 Direct access to major public cloud providers
 Extensive interconnection solutions
 Quick installations
 Greater security options
 Complete networking monitoring

 Comprehensive SLA
 Global IP backbone
 Flexibility and support
 Redundancy for greater reliability
 Lower latency
 Peering networks and exchanges

What are Interconnection Services?

Data center interconnection enables private data exchange between two or more parties to mutually exchange data at the fastest possible speed. For data center and telecommunication networks, interconnection is a physical link connecting either two or more data centers, a carrier’s network and a data center, or a carrier/ISP and their customers. Interconnection is the ecosystem that holds these entities together.

Data Center Interconnection allows DCI (Data center interconnect) providers to use their resources collectively and tap into the physical and virtual resources of other data centers they are interconnected with. This will enable them to balance their workload so their network infrastructure won’t oversaturate with protocols and packet transmissions.

data center connectivity
data center connectivity solutions

Why Use Volico's Interconnection Services?

Volico offers interconnection services to leading telecommunications carriers, ISPs, and content providers through cross-connections at our strategically located, carrier-neutral interconnection facilities. We make interconnection simple and provide reliable, high-performance network connectivity options to support both your network and business needs.

By extending your network’s capabilities through our data center interconnection services, we can provide physical or virtual connections to your customers, partners, vendors, and facilities.

Interconnection Services

Explore additional industry-leading connectivity solutions

Cross Connects
Connect your infrastructure environments with affordable data center cross connects services to any carrier in our facilities or nearby data centers.

IP Transit / Transport Services

Get a scalable IP solution for your business by connecting to our service within or outside your existing footprint.

Dedicated Internet Access

To get the performance your business needs, Volico delivers Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), where the enterprise has an easy option for high-quality internet connectivity.
data center connectivity solutions

Dark Fiber

Volico Dark Fiber services offer control, security, and scalability by allowing unobstructed access to dark and lit services for clients and providers alike.
data center connectivity solutions

Blended IP

By leveraging multiple internet backbone providers, we can provide reliable, high-bandwidth commercial internet, backed by our fully redundant network, providing the uptime, scalability, and reliability you need.
data center connectivity solutions

Metro Connect

Take advantage of Volico’s unique topology to instantly establish a dedicated connection between two data center facilities in the same metro area.
data center connectivity solutions

Inter-Site Connectivity

Volico inter-site data center connectivity offers a variety of eco-system carriers, quality transport services, and cross-connection, allowing you to scale without limitations through fiber connectivity.
data center connectivity solutions


Wavelength services offered by Volico can reduce latency, increase application performance, scale your bandwidth needs, and expandable equipment optimally to maximize bandwidth availability.

data center connectivity solutions


Increase your high-speed data transfer without needing to purchase additional services. A reliable, low-latency, scalable network optimized for server-to-storage and server-to-server connections.


Volico Data Center is a Tier IV facility offers fully managed compliant infrastructures that exceed industry most stringent guidelines and regulatory standards.

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