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Volico's network & infrastructure is designed to handle mission critical traffic. All routing and switch equipment is 100% redundant CISCO equipment.

The problem with carrier-owned data centers is they offer a single point-of-failure for Internet connectivity. If your server is located i in one of these facilities and that carrier’s network is having problems, there is no backup. In other words, these facilities do not offer true redundancy in case their network is unavailable.

As a carrier-neutral data center, Volico’s multi-carrier connectivity provides network and service independence, delivering complete choice, control, and resilience.

Volico offers a blended Internet service that provides access to a minimum of four carriers at once. We also offer carrier-neutral access to your choice of network carriers. By combining best-in-class equipment, a redundant and diverse network infrastructure, and outstanding support, Volico ensures the highest levels of availability and performance for our customers.

Volico’s network is designed to handle mission critical traffic. All routing and switch equipment is 100% redundant CISCO equipment. Network hierarchy includes preventative security measures for denial of service attacks, spam filtering, and intrusion detection. The fiber optic cabling is routed through diversified building ingresses. The current 30gbps capacity has room for virtually unlimited growth with the existing fiber.

Server uptime at Volico exceeds 99.9999%. Network efficiency is secured with multiple backbone connections, monitored by a team of remote and on-site personnel. Our state-of-the-art data centers are 100% fully redundant, giving you superior connectivity with no single point of failure and ultimate performance.

Volico facilities are carrier-neutral and multi-homed, ensuring the most redundant and reliable connectivity possible.


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