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We are carrier neutral and can provide affordable cross connects to any carrier in our facilities or nearby data centers.​​

What Are Cross Connects?

A cross-connects are physical hardware (fiber cable, cords, and jumpers) that connect connects a customer’s equipment directly to another customer’s equipment within a data center. They are usually maintained by a single data center or across multiple data centers. Cross connects allow colocation customers to increase performance, decrease latency, and improve traffic flow management. They can provide a more consistent and reliable experience than internet-based connections. They are also a valuable resource for minimizing data loss and promoting disaster recovery when emergencies happen.

Cross Connects at Volico

Volico Data Centers offers interconnection services to leading telecommunications carriers, ISPs, and content providers through cross connections at our strategically located, carrier-neutral interconnection facilities. We make interconnection simple and provide reliable connectivity options to support both your network and business needs.

Our network interconnections demonstrate the importance of interconnection hubs and our customers validate the operational standards met in facilitating their network connections with Volico data centers. Whether it’s buying or leasing dark fiber or using WDM technology, there are new and exciting ways to expand the ability of your company to network across the country and throughout the world.

Cross Connect Primary Benefits:

Traffic Flow Management

Cross connect services enable companies to better monitor and manage traffic exchange between data centers.

Disaster Recovery

Cross connect services offer increased network reliability as a direct result of the improved disaster recovery rates associated with cross connection.

Latency Reduction

Cross connect services reduce latency by sending cross connects to the servers and ISPs serving a company’s end-users in the same building.

Global Networking

Cross connect services offer advantages in redundancy and pricing through connections with multiple global networks.


Case Study: Volico Data Center Expands Carrier Neutral Offering With Dark Fiber

Download this FiberLight With Volico Case Study to find out how Volico Data Center utilizes FiberLight Dark Fiber to expand their Carrier Neutral offerings.

Where are Cross Connects Available?

Cross Connects are available in all Volico data centers. Please contact us for further information on how our interconnection services can support your specific business requirements.
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