How Apple’s M1 Performs Against Intel 11th Gen Core and AMD Ryzen 4000

As Apple announced the release of their new in-house M1 chip, the world was on its feet, waiting to see if it could match its strong competitor Intel’s performance. At the end of last year, Apple began the process of replacing industry-standard Intel chips from their products with their custom-designed silicon.  After the new chip’s […]

Understanding Clustering Capabilities For Servers


Server clustering refers to a group of servers working together on one system to provide users with higher availability. These clusters are used to reduce downtime and outages by allowing another server to take over in an outage event. Here’s how it works. A group of servers are connected to a single system.  The moment […]

Why Data Centers are Essential for the Healthcare Industry

Why Data Centers Are Important for the Health Care Industry

Healthcare managers increasingly recognize how critical IT and data center transformation is to overall organizational growth. The healthcare industry is constantly involving today. More and more technology-driven solutions to healthcare problems are coming to the fore. This is most noticeable through the prevalence of smartwatches and applications in smartphones that monitor heart rates and other vitals. […]

Why Interconnection Is the Key to Digital Business Success

Implementing interconnected data systems into an existing business.

As digital businesses continue to experience increases in data storage demands, their need for flexible, secure, and scalable solutions grows.  By providing colocation, applications management, networking support, and managed hosting, interconnectivity gives growing businesses the resources they need to maintain seamless storage and integration while protecting the critical infrastructure. What is interconnection? Interconnection refers to […]

A Review of IoT Trends and What they Mean for Your Business

IoT Trends and What they Mean for Your Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of all devices (smartphones, computers, buildings, vehicles, etc.) that connect to the Internet in some way. Connections can include software, network connections, modems, sensors, or anything that lets a user connect to the Internet. Currently, the IoT consists of billions of devices, and the number of devices […]

Understanding The Advantages of Moving from Shared Hosting to Enterprise Hosting


A reliable, efficient, and secure web-hosting provider is vital to business continuity in today’s web-based world. Choosing the right hosting provider for your business depends on a number of factors that range from bandwidth needs to budgetary concerns. Shared hosting is currently the most commonly utilized hosting service. For businesses with low traffic volumes and […]

Cutting Costs through Enterprise Cloud Services

Enterprise Cloud Services

Enterprise cloud services are tailored to businesses, rather than consumers. Therein lies the difference between enterprise and traditional cloud services. In enterprise cloud service contracts, businesses enter into contracts with a cloud service provider to outsource their IT needs. The primary benefit to utilizing an enterprise cloud service provider is financial. In this blog, we […]

Why You Should Choose Dedicated Hosting Servers for Your Website

Dedicated Hosting Servers

Many businesses are familiar only with shared and virtual private servers when it comes to hosting. While these solutions are adequate for small to moderate amounts of traffic, they can also be too limiting for some businesses to perform the daily activities that they require. Things like customization of the servers and the configuration, running […]