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Enterprise Cloud Services

Cutting Costs through Enterprise Cloud Services

Enterprise cloud services are tailored to businesses, rather than consumers. Therein lies the difference between enterprise and traditional cloud services. In enterprise cloud service contracts, businesses enter into contracts with a cloud service provider to outsource their IT needs. The primary benefit to utilizing an enterprise cloud service provider is financial. In this blog, we will explain how enterprise cloud services offer financial benefits to companies. If your business is looking to outsource IT needs and is not sure about the unique advantages of enterprise cloud computing, call Volico at 888-865-4261 to speak with an IT consultant.

Financial Benefits of Utilizing Enterprise Cloud Services

The primary financial benefit of utilizing enterprise cloud services lies in the reduction of overhead costs and the ability to pay for what you use. Since enterprise cloud services are tailored specifically for businesses, not individual customers, the IT services provided meet your unique requirements with ease and efficiency.

  1. Pay As You Go. This is the “pay for what you use” aspect of the service. With enterprise cloud hosting, businesses pay for the services they need, at the time they need them. This eliminates spending money on services your business simply has no need for.
  2. Reduction in Overhead Costs. By outsourcing your IT needs and only paying for the services you actually use, companies are able to reduce their financial overhead. Companies are able to avoid allocating funds to the physical infrastructure and staffing required to host these services in-house.
  3. Elimination of Hardware Needs. Enterprise cloud services eliminate the need for businesses to spend thousands of dollars on purchasing and installing expensive hardware in-house. Rather, a company pays a flat monthly rate and utilizes the equipment in the service provider’s hosting center.
  4. Service Level Agreement Clarity. Upon entering into a contract with a cloud hosting provider, companies will be asked to sign an SLA – or service level agreement. This agreement will spell out the exact services being offered to the company and the fee for each of the services. The signing of this agreement offers companies clarity around what exactly they are paying for and works to ensure they are not paying for services that are not rendered or needed.
  5. Security Costs. Enterprise cloud service providers are dedicated to providing customers with top of the line security processes and applications. Given this fact, these service providers are often working with a higher security budget than your business. They have already allocated the needed funds for vital security measures. Outsourcing your cloud service needs to an enterprise service provider eliminates the astronomical costs of expert security staff, hardware, and infrastructure.
  6. Scalability and Agility Benefits. Cloud service providers offer businesses the ability to scale their services up or down depending on current or expected needs. This means that businesses can avoid spending hundreds of dollars any time their business sees a spike or a dip in traffic – which can save companies thousands of dollars over the course of six months.

Contacting a Cloud Hosting Service in Your Region

Enterprise cloud hosting offers your business the ability to access and manage a host of applications and networks from a remote location without incurring the costs of increased physical infrastructure, expensive hardware purchasing and installation, expensive salaries for IT experts, and complicated security management services. To learn more about enterprise cloud hosting services, contact Volico at (888) 865-4261 to speak with an IT expert today. Our team will walk you through the various enterprise cloud hosting packages and help you determine which is best for your business.

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