What It Means To Have A Truly Reliable Enterprise Data Backup Solution

data backup

Data is a valuable tool for any organization’s prosperity. Based on data analysis, companies can make deductions and create strategies for growth. A company’s data is made up of many things, including client information, internal documents and files, credentials, system data, and intellectual property. The true price of data is invaluable, and losing it can […]

How Can Colocation Save Your Business Money?

Colocation Data Center

Colocation data centers, often called “colo” centers, are third-party facilities that provide businesses with physical space to house their servers, networking equipment, and other computing infrastructure. Unlike traditional on-premises data centers, where companies invest heavily in building and maintaining their facilities, colocation centers offer shared infrastructure, economies of scale, and advanced management services. In today’s […]

Why Does Colocation Data Center Pricing Keep Increasing

Colocation Data Center Pricing

The pricing for colocation data center services has been on a steady rise for the last couple of years, according to a CBRE report. The annual surge in the quoted price per kilowatt per month by the end of 2022 hit a 14.5% increase for the wholesale price of 250-500kW, escalating to $137.90 per kW/month. […]

What is Data Center Consolidation

Data Center Consolidation

Data center consolidation is crucial to manage your business’s IT infrastructure efficiently. As a Chief Technology Officer or business owner, it is your job to recommend solutions that enable your organization to run smoothly while saving costs – and data center consolidation is an excellent way to help you achieve this. Still, it is essential […]

Key Data Center Physical Security Measures

What comes to your mind when you think about data center physical security? Cyberattacks? Data storage? Maybe business uptime? Sure, data center physical security plays a crucial role in all of the above, but that’s not all there is to these facilities. Besides helping businesses store and transfer information safely, data centers must ensure their […]

How to Optimize Data Center Interconnect and Network Performance

Data Center Interconnect

In a digitally connected, networks play a vital role in connecting data centers while providing greater agility, operational simplicity, and scalability to organizations enabling them to keep up with the expanding capacity and performance requirements. The demand for reliable data exchange has risen recently as cloud services and mobile device connectivity continue to experience exponential […]

Why Should You Move Your On-Premises Workloads to Colocation

Growth is essential to the long-term of any business or organization. With rapid growth, however, comes the need to expand your data storage capacity. While your IT infrastructure can handle your business’ data volume during the initial phases, most organizations struggle to store data effectively when they scale to the next level. And, if the […]

How Colocation Data Center Support Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity?

Colocation Data Center support Disaster Recovery

Think about it. How long can your business continue to operate in the event of an unplanned outage? The 2023 FAA system outage, which resulted in widespread flight disruptions across the United States, demonstrated the importance of having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. Such a plan can help organizations minimize the impact of […]

The Difference Between Lit Fiber and Dark Fiber

Businesses are shifting to fiber rapidly as fiber offers higher bandwidth and faster speeds over longer distances. According to IBISWorld, the fiber-optic cable manufacturing industry has already reached $4 billion over the last five years. As you’ve been reading about fiber network and how it works, you might have come across the terms “lit fiber” […]

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