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Case Study: Odysseus Solutions – Managed Hosting Solution


Client: Odysseus Solutions

Industry: Information Technology and Services

Market: Travel and Hospitality
Problem: rigid legacy setup was unable to handle mounting user traffic restricting the potential of a growing business

Solution Provider: Volico Hosting
Services: co-location, applications management, networking support, and managed hosting

• New setup that is scalable, secure, and easy-to-operate allowing the business to proactively respond to its increased user traffic and deliver improved service to its clients
• Increased speed of transaction processing
• Cost-efficient solution


Odysseus Solutions is a Miami-based Travel Technology company providing the most comprehensive and innovative online booking systems available on the market today. Founded in 2005 to fill the industry’s need for a comprehensive, fully-customized travel booking engine, Odysseus Solutions has designed a unique platform that allows its users to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

The company offers a fully integrated B2B and B2C booking solution with an integrated database for customer management, and a dynamic link builder that gives users the ability to create deep links to targeted suppliers and products, to support marketing programs. With Odysseus’s tools clients can easily carry out consulting, project management and development services for System and Solution Analysis, Process Automation, GDS Integration, and Solution Design & Development.


As a rapidly growing company, Odysseus Solutions was facing an inevitable challenge of keeping up with the demands of the mounting customer base. Restricted by the limited resources available to a small business, the company required a partner that would understand its pains and design a solution that is both budget-friendly and specifically tailored to its unique needs of a data-intensive operation. After thorough review and analysis of the available providers, Odysseus Solutions chose Volico Hosting. Since 2006 the company remains a loyal customer of Volico who performs managed hosting, applications management and networking support services for the client. As the recent event proved, Odysseus Solutions has made the choice that has forever changed its business fate – together with Volico the company was able to reach the heights it could only imagine.

With increased growth one of the services utilized by the applications started to malfunction. Monish Luthra, President and CEO of Odysseus Solutions, explains, “Recently, we began to experience high memory usage on one of the applications leading to random timeouts. We were getting worried about impacting our clients”. Monish turned to Volico for help.


In response to Odysseus’s request, Volico team immediately met with Monish and his team personally to inspect the situation and provide immediate assistance in resolving the issue. Monish continues, “We sat down with Volico team and explained the problems we were experiencing. We discussed our current setup and described our requirements.

They’ve listened and came up with the answer. They proceeded to installing a new solution and did not leave until they’ve tested the new setup ensuring it was safe and completely operational. We did not have to wait long. All of the above happened within a span of 8 hours! It was a big win for us! We were able to restore our service quickly without our clients even noticing!” To mitigate the issue Odysseus Solutions encountered, Volico team has designed a managed solution that incorporated the technology the business has already been using and that took account the long-term costs associated with its operating.

The team had to cancel out the cloud solution as an option as it would have been costly in the end. Among other updates, to increase the speed of transaction processing, Volico technicians created a new Mongo DB cluster that separates the read and writes in the backend. To improve report handling, they added a memcached farm allowing to cache reports to memory, read faster and delete as needed. To support the new setup, Cisco network is used for public and private connections.


As a result, the new setup was created that is both scalable and secure allowing Odysseus Solutions to run its applications and provide it services with ease. Monish comments, “Volico team are our infrastructure gurus. Over the years Volico ensured we have a proper infrastructure in place that meets our needs. It has allowed us to grow leaps and bounds. We rightfully consider Volico to be a key part of our success. When someone asks me to refer a worthy hosting provider, I always recommend Volico Hosting because they know what they are doing and they are doing it right”.

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