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The Pros and Cons of Remote Hands vs Smart Hands Services

While at first hearing the two terms might sound like they are referring to some entities like Thing from The Addams Family, actually smart hands and remote hands are quite real but very different and less creepy.

Smart hands and remote hands refer to two types of technical service support provided by data centers, which make it possible for customers to delegate specific maintenance tasks to technicians on-site. The two services have a few key differences, and they are used in different types of procedures of onsite support. These two technical support services are core components of a complex IT infrastructure, offering essential services for businesses of all sizes. So, to make the most of what a data center offers, an IT team has to be well-informed about what each of these services provides exactly. Depending on the complexity and requirements of a specific task, the solution can be either remote hands or smart hands support services, and sometimes, it can be both.

As more companies turn to colocation data center providers, the burden of managing becomes smaller on their shoulders. Data centers provide all the resources, technical support, and extensive infrastructure needed to maintain smooth functioning. However, entrusting a data center provider with your data doesn’t instantly mean getting rid of responsibilities. Several maintenance tasks need to be performed on-site, which are completed with the help of the two types of hands. In this blog, we will analyze the pros and cons of the two services so that you can make the best decision based on your needs. Let’s dive into the details.

smart hands

Remote hands support services in a nutshell

Remote hands cover the basic maintenance operations performed by colocation data center employees. Those support services can vary depending on the data center, but they typically involve IT support services like hardware and server maintenance, equipment installation, cabling, replacing drives, or checking the condition of accessories. Remote hand services can allow clients to leverage the professional services of a provider, ensuring that everything is running on a high level of performance in an optimized and secure environment. Technicians can handle tasks without the client’s presence at the colocation center. Some of these services are typically included in the agreement between the client and the facility.

The pros of Remote Hands support services

Remote hands IT support services can be slightly different in every colocation facility. However, most of them share the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Replacement or installation of hardware and software
  • Reports on the performance of different equipment
  • Network router and basic switch configurations
  • Rebooting and refreshing servers
  • Ensuring the moving and securing of network cables
  • Power cycling
  • Managing inventory
  • Receiving requests and handling shipping
  • Conducting audits

By offering these services, remote hands have quite a few advantages to consider, namely:

Reduced downtime

On-site, constantly available technicians make sure that everything is functioning as it should. Checking on hardware in crucial moments ensures that everything runs efficiently and reduces the chances of downtime.

Saving costs

Not having to employ and train a private group of IT personnel just to do general upkeep and maintenance at the data center saves the cost of labor and time invested in your own technician crew. Plus, remote hands are available on-site, so in case anything happens, help is there instantly.


Remote hands offer 24/7 technical support and monitoring. This ensures the safety of your data at all times.

Basic services in the package

Often, the most basic remote hands-support services are offered in the service agreement with your data center.

The cons of Remote Hands support services

Looking at it from a different perspective, remote hands can have a few inconveniences.

  • You have less direct control over managing your data. For companies who need more control over their data, using remote hands and managed data center services can have the disadvantage of having less direct access. Working with remote hands means giving up control over your data to a certain degree to your collocation provider.
  • Different standards. Different companies might have particular definitions when it comes to quality. Because of this, sometimes arriving on the same page regarding quality can come with some challenges. However, a trustworthy remote hands service provider usually has a track record of excellent, transparent communication and quick response times.

smart hands

Smart hands support services – a short definition

As opposed to remote hands, smart hands services encompass more complex tasks, like setting up a firewall, equipment testing, or any kind of troubleshooting. Smart hands services also include managing data center equipment and setting up complex cable configurations. These data center services require higher-level expertise and are not included in the basic services offered by the facility. Smart Hands IT support services are usually paid by the hour.

For growing companies, these services can significantly decrease the weight of having to manage a larger IT team of experts to perform these operations. Outsourcing infrastructure issues frees up company IT staff and offers a secure and reliable solution for maintenance and protection.

The pros of Smart Hands Support Services

The advantages of smart hands managed services are many, and it’s easy to see the reasons. Here are a few of the most important benefits:

Efficiency and cost-efficiency

Being able to rely on the top-notch equipment and robust infrastructure offered by the colocation provider reduces downtime and contributes to a more efficient functioning overall. Smart hands allow you to redirect the energies and resources from maintenance to other, more important tasks.

Fast reactions

A constantly available, on-site technical staff, solving problems as they appear, can assure your peace of mind. Smart hands keeping control over anything unusual can reduce server downtimes and interruptions. Also, an on-site technician can answer any questions or upgrade requests immediately.

Enhanced security

Technical support consisting of regular maintenance, backups, and general checks helps ensure data security. Smart hands maintenance services can include monitoring services that allow for quick action in case of a security breach or any other disastrous event with the risk of leading to shutdown.

Less risky

If a problem with the servers appears, a technician is ready to take the necessary steps to save your data and your company from downtime. This allows for quick fixing and increased uptime, saving you time and money.

The cons of Smart Hands Support Services

While smart hands are among the most popular data center services, under specific circumstances, they can come with some disadvantages. However, if we are being honest, some of these risks or drawbacks can be present even if you manage an in-house data center.

  • Being reliant. If your third-party service provider suddenly becomes unavailable, risks might appear. Being reliant on smart hands services draws with itself the high level of availability expected of the service provider. However, incidents can happen anywhere, in on-site data centers too. This can brush IT teams aside to deal with other issues and create delays in solving problems.
  • Extra costs. Smart hands services are usually taxed per hour at a fixed amount. The cost of the service might grow, depending on how time-consuming the tasks at hand are.
  • Efforts to fill the eventual cracks in communication. At the beginning of a collaboration, communication between the client and the smart hands service provider needs to be very good. In fact, communication continues to be of critical importance throughout the whole collaboration. This ensures that everyone knows what their responsibilities are, and what is expected of them in order to provide a great service.


Choosing the best for your business with Volico Data Center’s Remote Hands and Smart Hands Support Services

Looking at the pros and cons of remote hands and smart hands services, the pros far outweigh the cons. To sum up, some of the most palpable advantages are that they eliminate the financial costs associated with hiring an expensive, highly trained onsite IT team to manage your server. Secondly, they encourage global expansion by providing expert resources for international locations that may not be located within a reasonable distance of an expert IT team. Lastly, they provide expert-level resources for businesses that are making use of colocation services and cannot effectively hire onsite IT experts to oversee their server management and servicing.

Smart Hands technical service support systems allow instant troubleshooting and eliminating complications with your business’s IT server and network. To learn more about Volico and Smart Hands data center services, visit our website or call (305) 735-8098 to speak with a customer service provider.

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