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Managed Services

How Your Business Can Benefit From Managed Services

Server issues and cybercrime cost IT companies a lot of money. According to predictions, by the year 2026, cybercrime is predicted to reach the cost of 20 trillion dollars, putting pressure on the global economy. Add to that the fact that downtime costs $9000/minute across all industries, and the numbers immediately turn from scary to painful. The price of unfortunate events keeps increasing, so the demand for efficient and reliable security services grows proportionately. For this reason, it is of capital importance for businesses to have access to managed security and high-quality server maintenance services. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offer the delegation of IT system and network monitoring, upkeep, and support, offering the service of devoted engineers and a help desk as well. Managed services comprise a wide spectrum of tasks. Those include server management, network security, data backup, and many other services essential to a healthy and safe functioning environment.

Managed Services bring specialized professional personnel to the table, reducing the risk of errors and downtime. Security is guaranteed by the robust infrastructure of up-to-date technology and equipment, safeguarding against cyber threats and granting compliance with industry regulations. Managed services bring many other advantages, starting with basic perks like cost-efficiency and expanding to scalability and adaptation for changing and growing IT environments. Disaster recovery planning and data backup services are usually part of managed services, ensuring business continuity at the time of unexpected events.  

What are the major benefits of using managed services?

Managed services allow businesses a good flow of everyday operations and make it easier to meet goals. It’s a reliable and useful upgrade for growing businesses that optimize workflows and brings many benefits, from cost savings to 24/7 remote monitoring. Here are some of the key benefits the infrastructure offers. 

Managed services budgeting benefits

Costs tend to add up fast. Especially if they are sudden and unexpected. Managed services have the perk of moderating those costs first of all by offering continuous maintenance. This enables infrastructures to run smoothly and without unexpected events. Maintenance and monitoring can also help predict future costs by making accurate predictions based on collected data. Managed services help mitigate costs related to technical inefficiency and rule out the chance of losing money on downtime and cyber attacks. 

Access to professionals

Finding five-star personnel can be extremely difficult. To skip the time-consuming procedure, many businesses choose to go with managed services instead. For most businesses, keeping specialized personnel full-time would be highly unprofitable when they can have unlimited access to a team of experts with managed services. This not only cuts the expenses but offers the comfort of being able to reach out to reliable, top-notch professionals anytime.  

Managed services Strengthened security

Security is one of the biggest concerns for all businesses. Cyberattacks and downtime are the most common nightmares, and staying functional is the most important mission. Managed services offer real-time server monitoring, addressing vulnerability issues as soon as they appear. Getting access to high-quality technologies offered by providers enables better performance and data protection. 

Minimized downtime

As stated earlier, the average minute of downtime is estimated to cost $9000 in the upcoming years. Offering services like real-time server and network monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery, as well as continuity planning, managed service providers make sure that their client’s IT environment remains up and running. Backup and disaster recovery services shield against data loss and downtime. Continuity planning is there to help businesses resume their activity as soon as possible after an unexpected disruption.  

Cloud computing boost

The use of cloud computing has become widespread, and most companies lean on the reliability of managed services for administering their infrastructure. Managed services offer to take charge of managing a company’s cloud infrastructure. This can be a partial or complete management service, depending on the needs of the business. The intricacies of cloud computing are handled by experts who work day and night to mitigate security risks, realize backups, and optimize the infrastructure. The responsibilities usually include configuration, migration, optimization, maintenance, and, of course, security. 

Backup and recovery

Managed service providers usually offer full-blown recovery and backup solutions, making 100% sure that your data is protected and can be restored in case of an unexpected event. It is the undertaking of managed services to make copies of data files, configurations, and applications so if hardware failure or data corruption occurs, everything stays safe. There are different types of backups depending on location (hardware or cloud) and frequency. 

Recovery involves the restoration of data from the backups after an unfortunate event. A company’s RPO (Recovery Point Objective) defines how frequent backups should be happening. On the other hand, the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) defines the tolerated downtime of business operations. 

In the case of a major disaster like storms, fires, floods, or cyberattacks, managed services ensure a professionally planned recovery strategy. This secures the quick recovery of IT infrastructures and data, minimizes disruptions, and safeguards the health of organizations. 

Get the most out of managed services at Volico Data Centers!

Volico Data Centers provides tailored suites of managed services designed to meet your business’s unique requirements. Our exceptional customer service sets us apart, offering personalized support round the clock. Our team of skilled technicians is prepared and ready to serve your business needs whenever requested.

Our clients benefit from the following services. 

Managed services Security Services

Cyber threats are evolving. They are becoming more sophisticated and targeted, and it’s becoming harder and harder for companies to ensure the safety of their data. Without the shield of efficient cybersecurity measures, businesses risk being exposed to data breaches, financial losses, and damage to their reputation. Our robust framework of managed security services provides 24/7 monitoring and protection against cyber threats. Our continuous security updates ensure that your business stays one step ahead of malicious entities. While our managed services handle security, organizations can focus on their work, reducing the burden of sustaining an in-house IT team.  

Our managed security services offer: 

  • Server monitoring
  • Managed firewall & VPN
  • Nextgen Firewall
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • PCI Compliance
  • Managed UTM
  • Application Security
  • DDOS Mitigation

Managed storage and backup

Data reliability and availability are paramount. Our managed services use redundant storage systems and backups to prevent data loss when errors or hardware failures occur. We implement encryption and controls to safeguard information and ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Our managed storage and backup solutions leave space for scalability and improve cost efficiency, providing peace of mind and protection. 

Our managed backup solutions offer personal, business, and enterprise backup to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes. 

We offer:

  • Full-Featured Backup Services
  • High Performance
  • Easy Restore
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Internet Accessible Admin Panel
  • 100% Worry-free support

Disaster recovery and business continuity

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are the safety net of any organization. Managed recovery services ensure that your data and systems can bounce back after an event with minimal downtime and data loss.

Volico Data Centers provides a secure and redundant backdrop for hosting crucial business data and applications. Managed services include disaster recovery planning, data backup, and failover solutions. We employ sophisticated technologies to ensure data integrity and availability. Those include redundant power supplies, backup generators, and data replication. Whether it comes in the form of natural disasters, cyberattacks, or system failures, we make sure that you are prepared for the unexpected.

In a nutshell,

Managed services are here to empower businesses to optimize their operations and stay safe in today’s technological environment. For any business that wants to stay cost-effective and also leverage efficiency and safety, managed services are the ultimate solution. By lifting the burden of in-house management from your infrastructure’s shoulders, our services help you to focus on more important tasks and stay ahead of the competition. By treating your company to the managed service solutions offered by Volico Data Centers, your company has more space to focus on innovation and growth while your data is safe in the reliable hands of our experts. 

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