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Smart Hands Services: When Your Time is Worth Money

There comes the point in your company’s IT department when a task needs to be completed, and no one is available or able to handle it. Maybe it’s off-hours. The task can be small or major—basic diagnostics; plug in a cable; add IP addresses to a firewall. Regardless, no one is available. And the task needs to happen, or there will be serious consequences. That’s when having Smart Hands Services from a company like Volico Data Centers begins to make sense. Your time and the time of your employees is best spent on tasks that grow your business, not on maintaining IT infrastructure.

Onsite Service Support

For many growing companies, it may not yet be cost-effective to maintain an expensive and highly trained onsite, round-the-clock IT team. For some, that may never be a realistic part of their growth model or business plan. But these companies still require certain services to be completed to fulfill their operational needs. That is where a Smart Hands service system comes into play. Smart Hands offers the highest level of service, providing remote management, customizing installations, and equipment troubleshooting assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The cost of a Smart Hands service plan is often offset by the minimization of downtime and interruptions of service by freeing up essential employees to focus on other vital tasks, and by automating daily maintenance tasks and service. Smart Hands packages do not require companies to give up control or customization of their infrastructure. Immediate responses to data breach not only improve your company’s productivity, but it also reduces the risk of any liability issues.

What kinds of tasks can Smart Hands handle?

Smart Hands packages vary based on your company’s needs, as do the tasks involved. The best way to think of Smart Hands is like a concierge in a busy hotel. They’re always keeping your needs met, and they can also respond immediately to pressing circumstances or questions as they arise. A concierge may also work with other clients, but no information is passed, so there are no security worries. A concierge works to provide you with the highest quality assistance in limited areas, rather than trying to act as a tour guide, and swim instructor. Smart Hands staff leverages your resources more efficiently to perform several functions in the direction of your offsite personnel.  Smart Hands services can include:

  •      Setting up a firewall
  •      Complex cable configurations
  •      Managing colocation equipment
  •      Testing and troubleshooting equipment
  •      Rack and stack services
  •      Shipping and receiving
  •      Automated maintenance
  •      Backups
  •      Packing and unpacking
  •      Inventory
  •      Threat detection and response
  •      Moving equipment
  •      OS and server installations
  •      Power cycling
  •      Onsite/offsite technical assistance and troubleshooting
  •      Remote server reboots
  •      Cloud cross-connect

Ready to See How Volico’s Smart Hands Service Can Help You?

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