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Managed vs. Unmanaged Servers: Which is Right for Your Business?

Getting a server for your business is a significant step, but a rewarding one. The ability to host your own site or store your private data onsite, along with uninterrupted access and analysis of trends, makes this a wise investment. However, one of the first decisions you will be required to confront is whether you want a managed or unmanaged server. There are benefits and drawbacks to each option, so we’ve laid out the details to enable you to make a better-informed decision for your company. Each of these options provides numerous benefits and disadvantages that you should carefully consider based upon your budget and web administration knowledge level.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of Unmanaged Servers?

While the hardware is essentially the same for managed and unmanaged servers, the main difference lies in the amount of knowledge and effort required to set up and maintain the server. Unmanaged servers usually come from a data center that has set up the hardware, established Internet connectivity, assigned IP addresses, and installed an operating system. All the other elements need to be addressed by the new owner/administrator. The specific tasks to be undertaken are:

  •   Configure the server
  •   Install programs
  •   Add a firewall and security
  •   Ongoing troubleshooting

What type of user should take on an unmanaged server? Obviously, someone experienced with the setup and continual maintenance of a server. The largest benefit isn’t that you get an individualized setup—in fact, managed server systems make that equally possible, but simply that the upfront cost is lower for an unmanaged server. The concern, though, is that the lower upfront cost may lead to greater ongoing costs if the server is not well handled or maintained, and a professional is needed to come in and fix subsequent issues.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of Managed Servers?

The benefits of managed servers are twofold. First, all the setup and ongoing maintenance will be handled by skilled professionals; and second, the system will be designed to meet your business’s unique needs and specifications. Various managed services are available, so the number of specialized services varies, but the most common are:

  •   Automated backups
  •   Performance monitoring
  •   Automatic software updates
  •   Security scanning and removal of malware
  •   Control panel
  •   Secure shell (SSH) access
  •   Basic support

Beyond these skeleton services, additional options can range in price and performance based on your business’s distinct needs. These can include:

  •   On-demand services
  •   Internet message access protocol (IMAP), post office protocol (POP), and simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) e-mail Services
  •      Remote rebooting
  •      Carrier-neutral connectivity
  •      Intrusion detection
  •      Load balancing

The sole drawback of a managed server is that the cost is commensurate with the services rendered. We do not recommend simply selecting the lowest priced option, because quality should be balanced with the economy. At Volico, we offer both managed and unmanaged servers so you can make an informed decision after comparing all the available options.

Both managed and unmanaged server options come with their own fair share of benefits and drawbacks. Whether you’ve chosen to implement a managed or unmanaged solution, Volico will provide you different options for both that packaged with industry-leading features and compatibilities. As a result, you should carefully evaluate your current web hosting situation and personal skill level based upon these criteria before making a jump between these two options.

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Whether you decide to take on the exciting challenge of an unmanaged server or to accept the assistance of professionals available to you night and day, having a dedicated server for your business provides an unprecedented level of hands-on control for your data or website. Let a knowledgeable Volico representative help you better understand how a managed or unmanaged server can meet your business’s unique needs.

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