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Data Center Tour: Key Questions To Ask

A data center tour can be fascinating for anyone not used to the environment. All the server cabinets, the sounds of data processing, the lights and cables, and the sales representative’s pitch can be very captivating, however, all the new information can also be overwhelming to process all at once. One can easily get lost in the information, especially when touring multiple data centers in a row, and the information seems to become as redundant as the data centers themselves. Without the help of a good set of pre-defined quintessential questions, it can be challenging to determine which data center provider your choice should fall on.

To get the best out of a data center tour, it’s not a shame to take notes and ask questions that can help you differentiate and make a decision based on understanding where your needs and the data center provider meet. Whether it’s a virtual data center tour or an in-person one, good questions have the same relevance.

So, what should you ask specifically on a data center tour? We’ve gathered you the most essential questions.

Data Center Tour

1. Security Measures For Protecting the Facility From Physical and Cyberattacks

Security is on the list of non-negotiables when choosing a data center partner. Protecting your data is one of the most important things to plan around, and it’s crucial to know in advance if the data center provider can offer the level of security your operations require. When on a data center tour, businesses should clarify all their questions related to security with their potential future provider. To do this, a number of questions should be addressed about both physical and cybersecurity.

Physical Security

  • What physical security measures are in place to protect from unauthorized intruders?
  • Who is granted permission to access the facility and the server room(s)?
  • How is the data center protected against natural disasters like fires and hurricanes?
  • Where are the security cameras installed?
  • What kind of physical access controls does the facility have?
  • Is there any cabinet-level physical access control?


  • What measures are in place to safeguard the data center’s network infrastructure from cyberattacks? What’s your position regarding firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and encryption protocols?
  • How is network traffic monitored for unusual activity, and what steps are taken to identify potential threats?
  • What encryption protocols do you have for protecting sensitive data?
  • How are user access permissions managed?
  • How often do you run vulnerability assessments?
  • How do you respond to cybersecurity incidents?


Depending on the operations the company is running, different security certifications can be required. To avoid misunderstandings, it’s important to discuss with your future provider the compliance requirements you need to adhere to, and assess its ability to protect your data.

  • Is the data center compliant with industry security standards and regulations?
  • What certifications does the data center have?

2. Electrical Configuration and Power Redundancy

The next important chapter to cover when on a data center tour is how power and electrical systems are configured. Asking questions about the potential risks is crucial to avoid issues in the future. As a rule, a multiple-path configuration is preferred as opposed to single paths, which pose a risk of failure in the event of a power outage. The tour can include taking a look at some of the critical areas in the data center from a power infrastructure point of view. Data center redundancy and high availability go hand in hand, so it can be insightful to look into it. Also, a diagram can offer a glimpse into the electrical configuration and help decision-making with an extra visual layer of information. Some essential questions to ask:

  • What is the primary power source, and how is it backed up during outages?
  • Are there redundant backup generators and UPS systems in place?
  • How much redundancy is built into the electrical infrastructure?
  • Are there power feeds from different sources?
  • What maintenance procedures do you follow to ensure reliability? How often do you test?

Data Center Tour

3. Connectivity Options

Asking about connectivity options can be important on a data center tour, especially if you’re considering collocating your servers and want to use the data center’s network infrastructure. The available connectivity options help you assess whether the data center can meet your networking requirements. You might want to evaluate the diversity of network carriers, data center interconnection arrangements, and redundancy measures. A few essential questions to ask about connectivity are the following

  • How many carriers are available, and what is the diversity of their network routes?
  • What measures ensure continuous connectivity in case of carrier outages or network disruptions?
  • What is the typical latency experienced within the data center’s network?
  • What bandwidth options are available, and how scalable are they?
  • Does your data center offer interconnection options?
  • How are interconnections facilitated?
  • What SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are provided for network uptime, latency, and packet loss?
  • How is network security ensured? Does the data center comply with industry standards and regulations on network security and data protection?

4. Managed Services

If you want to leverage some extra support, it’s a good idea to ask about the data center’s support and managed services offerings on your data center tour. If you’re interested in more than just infrastructure hosting, managed services can be beneficial in many regards. Asking about these services also allows you to assess the expertise and responsiveness of the data center provider and determine if they are a suitable partner that can meet your needs and offer you assistance whenever needed.

  • What managed services do you offer?
  • Is technical support available 24/7, and how can I reach the support team in case of emergencies or issues?

5. Support and Access to the Equipment

One of the most important aspects for companies is how quickly they can get to their equipment when needed. When on your data center tour, ask questions that can help you evaluate how you can access your equipment in case of an emergency. Also, it may be of interest to ask about the data center’s remote hands and smart hands support services options in case you can’t be present to troubleshoot emerging issues personally.

  • What kind of on-site support options do you have?
  • How fast can I expect a response in case I need support?
  • How fast are issues typically resolved through smart hands/remote hands services?
  • Is your support team available 24/7?

6. Stability and Perspectives for Scalability

When choosing a data center provider, it is important to be forethoughtful. While your company might not require much space or support at the moment, there might come a time when it does. Making sure that the chosen facility has the capacity to scale can save you the discomfort of migrations and ensure stability for the years to come. If you want a long-term solution that can accommodate your development, ask a few questions about scalability on your data center tour.

  • How is the data center prepared to accommodate the future growth of its clients?
  • How much space is there currently left? What plans are in place for scaling up when the facility reaches capacity?
  • Can your data center provision additional space for its customers?

Data Center Tour

Take a Data Center Tour at Volico and Have Your Questions Answered

Asking the right questions while on a data center tour can transform a visit into an insightful experience that can serve as a solid base for your decisions about future partnerships with a provider.

If you want to take a look at how things are done at Volico Data Centers, we invite you to schedule a tour to see it all in person, or discover our facilities virtually through a 3D tour!

To learn more and schedule an appointment, please call (305) 735-8098 or chat with a member of our team to discuss the details.

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