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Data Center Tour: Key Questions To Ask

Miami Data Center Tour

A data center tour can be fascinating for anyone not used to the environment. All the server cabinets, the sounds of data processing, the lights and cables, and the sales representative’s pitch can be very captivating, however, all the new information can also be overwhelming to process all at once. One can easily get lost […]

Key Differences Between Backups and Disaster Recovery

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Backups and disaster recovery are fundamental parts of a data security strategy. Both serve the purpose of keeping your data safe and ensuring that your business can keep going in case of an incident or disruption. The two work together and complement each other’s benefits; however, they cover two different approaches, methods, and purposes, so […]

Biggest Challenges of the Data Center Industry

Data Center Challenges

As the world keeps evolving in the direction of digital transformation, a number of pivotal data center challenges are arising along the line. With the recent rise of AI applications, the IoT, and edge demand, the industry has to put an increased effort into coping with the immense volumes of data generated each minute. Keeping […]

Data Center vs. Server Room: Key Differences, Benefits, and Risks

Linux or Windows

For many businesses at the beginning of their journey, choosing between data center and server room options and determining which one would better suit their needs is like a Catch-22 scenario. However, knowing the pros and cons of each can make it easier to pick the one that’s most suitable for their needs. Initially, before […]

Generative AI and Data Center Transformation

Generative AI and Data Center

The recent soar of large language models has created quite some excitement, poking a hole through reality as we know it. These models have reached a large number of people, enabling the use of generative AI for various purposes all over the world. And while a few science fiction writers have anticipated its appearance, there […]

Essential Requirements Modern Data Center Must Have

Data Center Must-Haves

Digital transformation continuously shapes our world, and keeping pace with it requires flexibility, agility, and security for businesses. There’s a steady but heavy increase in data center demand because facilities that boast all crucial data center must-haves can assist companies in achieving those goals. Data center needs have never been so intense. As we can […]

Bare-Metal Cloud Servers vs. Bare Metal in a Private Data Center

bare metal dedicated server

Many companies are searching for a reliable, single-tenant, bare metal dedicated server because of the benefits of root access, which can’t be emphasized enough. Bare metal allows for better availability of resources, high performance, low latency, and durability. Some companies are looking for options that come with managed services, providing a smooth experience. Others are […]

Not All Hosting Is Created Equal: Comparing Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting

VPS cloud hosting

Expected or unexpected, there comes a time in the life of a business when shared hosting is not an option anymore. Businesses can grow up fast, and when shared hosting starts to create issues, you know it’s time to upgrade. But where to next? Choosing the right VPS cloud hosting can be a challenge because […]

How Can Colocation Save Your Business Money?

Colocation Data Center

Colocation data centers, often called “colo” centers, are third-party facilities that provide businesses with physical space to house their servers, networking equipment, and other computing infrastructure. Unlike traditional on-premises data centers, where companies invest heavily in building and maintaining their facilities, colocation centers offer shared infrastructure, economies of scale, and advanced management services. In today’s […]

Why Should You Take Our New Miami Data Center Virtual Tour

data center virtual tour

Our all-new Miami Fort Lauderdale data center is now complete. And, we’re inviting you to take a 360° virtual tour!  The tour is part of Volico’s provisioning process, allowing our customers and prospects to see where their IT infrastructure will live while confirming the security and reliability of our data center.  So, What is a […]

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