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Why Sustainability Is Essential For Data Center Success

data center sustainability

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent spread of generative AI and IoT devices, data center power consumption has reached above 1% of global energy consumption. When the electricity used for running a supercomputer is sufficient to power whole neighborhoods, the importance of data center sustainability becomes self-explanatory. Data centers powering our online activities are […]

Colocation Data Center Physical Security as a Fundamental Service During COVID-19

Edge Data Centers

With the ongoing pandemic, many companies had to change the way they do business. Some industries are affected more than others, but overall any service provider must find a safe way to continue their work while keeping human interactions minimum. Companies need to rethink their work environment, operations, and the nature of their internal control […]

What Are The Ingredients For Next-Generation Colocation

The future of Next Generation Colocation, and what trends are driving growth

Data centers colocation began as a way of helping businesses address data storage issues and security issues. Data centers now allow for companies to have access to more software applications, more secure networks, and more data. Data centers are helping companies become more flexible and adapt faster to the ever-changing IT world. New trends The […]

Must-Ask Questions Before Signing with a Colocation Provider

It’s always best to ask questions before you sign a contract, not just for legal reasons, but also for practical reasons. When signing with a colocation provider, by asking the right questions, you can make the best choices for your IT needs. Some of the key questions to ask before entering into a colocation contract […]

The Physical Security Paradox: Data Centers Outperform In-House

It seems axiomatic that physical data security must actually be physically protected. Wouldn’t the best protection come from being physically present to address issues? In fact, data centers located across the country, or even the globe, provide more consistent, reliable, and all around better security. Let’s unpack the specific physical security concerns that need to […]

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