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Security Benefits of Colocation

Keeping Your Data Safe With Colocation

We’re living in a technologically defined world where almost every aspect of our lives is linked in some way or another to data availability. Keeping data safe and accessible to ensure the flow of business operations has never been so important. IT environments are becoming increasingly complex, and protecting sensitive data from cyber threats takes on a whole new level of intricacy. And while the proximity of the servers on-premises has its advantages, the robust security benefits of colocation facilities can offer something more.

If you’re having nightmares about data breaches…you’re not alone. Looking into colocation for soothing concerns is something many organizations do nowadays. In this article, we’re going to explore the security benefits of colocation, why it’s the perfect choice for companies in data-intensive sectors, and the extra benefits that come with entrusting your data with a colocation provider. Let’s dig in.

Security Concerns of On-Prem Data Centers

A big advantage of on-premises data centers is that they offer organizations more granular control over data and systems, allowing companies to instantly access and make changes whenever needed. On-premises solutions allow a great degree of customizability – for security as well, which can be great, but there are also concerns that need to be considered.

Having a server room on the premises gives you the advantage of control. However, this control comes with a great deal of responsibility that can become an unnecessary burden on your team. Even the smallest mistake or sloppiness can lead to disaster, putting data security and uptime at risk. Setting up completely impenetrable networks is an expectation that’s just too optimistic. Having a broad range of security strategies in place can, however, provide more safety and save a business from the unpleasant surprise of an “impenetrable” network, eventually proving to have a hidden vulnerability anyway.

If we’re being honest, the security infrastructures of on-premises server rooms are seldom built with a colocation data center’s robust, multi-layer security measures. However, the security benefits of colocation go even beyond these advantages. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Security benefits of colocation

The Undeniable Security Benefits of Colocation

Extensive Physical Security Control

The security benefits of colocation undoubtedly start with the broad physical security measures that would be impossible in an on-prem situation. Most threats, like ransomware and DDoS attacks, are not dependent on a malicious actor physically entering the data center building or the server room. Nevertheless, even though they are relatively rare, physical access threats can cause significant damage.

Colocation data centers have physical security protocols at many different levels. Typically, there’s biometric access control to ensure that unauthorized individuals can’t enter the building. Biometric physical security control can involve fingerprint and retina scans and face or palm recognition. This rules out, for example, the possibility of an intrusion due to a lost access card getting into unauthorized hands.

Of course, there’s 24/7 surveillance, recording every activity on cameras in case anything happens. Trained security professionals provide another layer of security, handling situations promptly and reporting anything that’s unusual.

In the case of on-premises server rooms,  this level of physical security is, in most cases, impossible to achieve.


The security benefits of colocation don’t end with the extensive physical security measures a colocation facility can provide. The next great advantage is redundancy. Colocation data centers typically have several backup power sources and uninterruptible power supplies, as well as backup generators, to ensure perpetual availability if a power outage occurs. And because interruptions can cost a lot, the security and redundancy offered by colocation can save your business money.

Cooling is another important element contributing to redundancy. Servers need stability in temperature and humidity levels to function efficiently and safely without overheating, which could lead to equipment failure, jeopardizing the safety of data and mission-critical operations.

The risk of network failures in colocation data centers is also minimized, thanks to the redundancy of connections to multiple service providers.

Compliance Standards

Companies familiar with on-premises server rooms might initially find the idea of storing important data off-site uncomfortable. However, the broad compliance possibilities are among the hard-to-ignore security benefits of colocation. Colocation facilities have to adhere to different regulations and typically offer compliance with industry standards, like SOC, for security, availability, and confidentiality. Colocation facilities can also offer PCI-DSS, GDPR, ISO, and HIPAA compliance so clients can fulfill their regulatory obligations even when migrating their sensitive data to colocation.


Downtime can be devastating for a business, not only because of the lost revenue but also because of the reputational damage that leads to unsatisfied customers leaving.

According to the Uptime Institute’s 2023 report, the leading causes of downtime are power and network-related. One of the biggest security benefits of colocation is that it is designed for high availability. The multiple layers of backup, cooling, and network connectivity ensure that your business doesn’t experience downtime. This level of reliability is impossible to achieve in an on-premises server room.

High-Security Networking

Colocation can offer the possibility of setting up intricate networking configurations with the guarantee of safety. Thanks to the outstanding connectivity services colocation data centers can offer, it is possible to connect between data centers, cloud, and on-premises servers privately and in the most secure way imaginable.

Managed Security Services

Data breaches are nightmare material for anyone running a business, regardless of size. However, while a bigger company can recover from a breach, small and even medium-sized businesses are frequently forced to shut down completely because of the high costs of data breaches.

What are the security benefits of colocation? Managed security services can fortify the protection of your infrastructure with a set of preventative measures offered by the provider, such as server monitoring, managed firewall, managed UTM, DDoS mitigation services, compliance certifications, etc., to keep threats out and your operations safe.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services

And last but not least, a company has to have a strategy in case things don’t go as planned. Even with all security measures in place, incidents happen occasionally. At that moment, a quick response can be critical, which is impossible without having disaster recovery and business continuity strategies prepared for the worst-case scenarios. Partnering with the right colocation data center can help you create a plan for unforeseen incidents and ensure the future security of your business.

Security Benefits of Colocation for Data-Heavy Sectors

The security benefits of colocation are becoming even more emphasized in companies with data-intensive workloads. The security features of colocation facilities can hardly be achieved in an on-site server room, where the company has to provide all security aspects from its own resources individually. The sophisticated security of a colocation data center greatly decreases the risk of data breaches.

Ensuring the security of sensitive data takes a comprehensive approach. Making sure that data stays confidential requires the state-of-the-art redundancy of a colocation data center. Unlike with an on-premises solution, colocation offers data-intensive companies the safety belt of redundancy. Data-intensive sectors like technology, finance, healthcare, e-commerce, telecommunications, etc., need redundant security for their mission-critical data and applications to operate smoothly – even if an unexpected outage or failure occurs.


Security Benefits of Colocation

Choosing the Right Colocation Provider is Key for the Safety of Your Business

Considering how fragile systems are in a landscape of evolving threats, the security benefits of colocation can’t be emphasized enough. Even with the best equipment and professional teams, the security features of on-site server rooms cannot be compared to the complex and multi-layered infrastructures of colocation data centers. Redundancy is key for safety, and choosing a colocation provider who can offer your business the guarantee of security is not something to ignore today, especially for companies with data-intensive workloads.

Our highly secure, scalable, redundant colocation facilities at Volico Data Centers can offer your business the security benefits crucial to keeping your sensitive information safe and your operations up and running. Combined with our managed security services, rest assured that your infrastructures are guarded 24/7 against all possible threats.

If you have questions or want to learn more about how colocation can help keep your business safe, contact us at (305) 735-8098 or chat with one of our specialists to discover more details.

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