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Server Clustering

When Your Business Might Need Server Clustering

A server cluster is created when different computers are connected together so that they begin to operate as a single unit. Clusters are invaluable for many different types of applications today. There are several situations when your business might need clustering.

Automate Backups

A server cluster is created when different computers are connected together so that they begin to operate as a single unit. Clusters are invaluable for many different types of applications today. There are several situations when your business might need clustering.

You Need Maximum Uptime

Your business should consider using a server cluster from the Volico hosting service if uptime is a concern. Server clusters can be specifically configured to be fault-tolerant. This means that a single problem with one of the servers in the cluster will not affect the availability of the data or applications running on the other servers. This kind of redundancy allows your website or servers to remain operating even if one has to be taken down and replaced or repaired. Maximum uptime can make a real difference over time.

You Want To Improve the Customer Experience

If you want to improve the experience clients or customers have when using your hosted services, then a server cluster is the right choice. A cluster allows for easier website and server maintenance. This includes load balancing through hosting services. The traffic or processing loads can be spread across all the hardware within the cluster. Resources can be more easily reallocated within a cluster. The result will be a website or service that runs at a consistent speed regardless of how many visitors are connected to the server at any one time.

Your Business Will Be Growing Quickly

If your business will be growing quickly, then clustering is something you need to seriously consider. New servers can be added to the cluster as they are needed without affecting performance. You can slowly grow a cluster by adding new systems over the course of a few years. This is not as easily done when using other server solutions. Server clusters can expand to be as large as your company needs.

You Need More Processing Power

A final reason your business might need a server cluster is processing power. Server clusters allow for a large amount of processing power to run the most advanced applications. They can be used for parallel processing as well. Server clusters can provide your company with the processing power needed to run any combination of services.

The Advantages of Clustering Servers

Creating a cluster involves binding several servers together in order to pool resources. Clusters can turn a number of different servers into a single system that has more power and resources than anyone individual server is capable of having. The technology can be implemented and delivered across a network to your business and to your clients. Server clusters offer your business many advantages.

Scale Up As Your Company Grows

A primary benefit of clustered servers is that they allow you to scale up as your company grows. All of the server resources are shared and managed by a common framework. A Volico hosting service plan can cluster as many servers as you need within this framework. You can always have more storage and processing power than you need. Adding new servers to the cluster is simple. This allows your business to expand when the need arises. This type of scalability is difficult or expensive to find through other setups.

Fault Tolerance

Clustering allows for effective fault tolerance when it comes to your servers. If a problem occurs with a single server or a single piece of hardware, then another server within the cluster will pick up the slack. You could even experience multiple failures within the cluster without affecting availability. The main benefit of this is no downtime. The way a cluster works means that your business and clients can rely on 100 percent uptime.

Maximum Performance

Performance is a large issue when it comes to servers. Performance can become a problem with high-traffic applications, large databases or massive programs that require extensive resources. Clustering allows for maximum performance through load balancing. The cluster can be configured and managed so that different loads are distributed evenly across all the servers involved. This allows you to deliver reliable and consistent service.

Easier Maintenance

A server cluster is easier to maintain than individual systems. Hosting services can perform maintenance and other tasks on the cluster as a whole. Maintenance for individual servers is easier because they can be disconnected from the cluster without affect performance and availability. Easier maintenance means lower costs and fewer problems.

Whether you need to combine a number of servers together on a private VLAN for basic networking functions, or if you require a more complex configuration we can custom tailor a solution just for your needs. That’s why we’re here for. Contact us today.

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