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Why You Should Be Using Third-Party Backup Services

Any business that relies on digital data needs to back up internal systems regularly. This could be done through in-house staff and hardware. A better option is to use a third-party backup service. These services can manage backups through the cloud and make the process more reliable and secure. There are several reasons why you should be using a third-party service for backups.

Automate Backups

One of the main reasons to use a third-party company for backups is to automate the process. Part of the Volico hosting service includes an administrative panel for backups. This panel allows anyone with authorization to set when backups occur and what is backed up. It also allows access to other options. The panel and the service then perform the backup without requiring more input. This will keep information safe automatically.

Keep Critical Data Off-Site

The main danger that comes with performing in-house backups onto local media is that the data is still located in the office. This means anything that happens to the servers or computers could also damage or destroy the backups. This could occur with a flood or fire. Hosting services operate remotely. The backups are done through the cloud or a network connection. The data is stored in a completely different location. This will keep critical data safe from damage or theft that occurs in your main offices.

No Risk of Hardware Failure

Professional backup services have redundant hardware and proven systems. This is far more reliable than a simple in-house setup. The third-party systems can safely save information without errors. The data is even validated afterwards to make sure there are no problems. Redundant hardware can take over if issues occur while saving data. This all allows you to rely completely on third-party backups.

Unlimited Storage

If an in-house backup system runs out of space, then the business needs to upgrade the hardware. This can be very problematic. Professional backup services provide unlimited storage. Multiple versions of files can be stored for as long as necessary. You can scale storage up or down as needed. This makes it possible to always store critical information no matter how large databases or other files become.

Keep Your Hosting Secure

These days, security threats come in a wide range of forms. In the old days, business owners only had to worry about keeping their physical property secure. This was something that most business owners didn’t have to get very fancy with, but it was still important. Today, business owners need to take extra steps to protect their customers and themselves from the threat of cyber attacks. Often, these attacks come to a business by way of their website server. This is why hosting security is such a huge issue for many business owners.

Business owners also often make use of dedicated hosting providers to keep their data secure online. Dedicated hosting is a form of hosting that places your website and sensitive information on a host server that is just for you. Most web hosting accounts make use of shared servers. This means that server space is being used by more than one user at a time. When your hosting server is dedicated to you and your information, then you are the only person on the server. This is a very important part of keeping your information secure from outside forces. It also works well in tandem with secure software applications.

Keeping yourself secure online is becoming more involved by the day. As the bad guys learn more about how to compromise your security, you need to learn more about how to protect it. Despite this, it’s much easier for you to find ways to protect yourself than you may assume.

Volico Managed Backup Services Solutions is fully managed, powerful, dependable, and reliable data protection – Reducing IT staff burden and training requirements. The loss of data can be remarkably difficult for a business. It can quickly have a bad impact on sales, customer service and of course the business’ reputation. Protecting your data from unexpected disasters is crucial.

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