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Dedicated Hosting Servers

Why You Should Choose Dedicated Hosting Servers for Your Website

Many businesses are familiar only with shared and virtual private servers when it comes to hosting. While these solutions are adequate for small to moderate amounts of traffic, they can also be too limiting for some businesses to perform the daily activities that they require.

Things like customization of the servers and the configuration, running certain applications, and running versions of required software like PHP that runs best for certain applications are generally things that are impossible in these environments. That’s where dedicated hosting comes in as a viable alternative. It offers the customization, reliability and raw computing power that businesses who need more than just a standard website require.

Is Your Business Ready for Dedicated Hosting Servers?

When you have a website for personal reasons or for business-related purposes, ensuring your visitors are capable of browsing and loading the site quickly and with ease is essential to keep them from finding other sources of information or content. If you want to ensure your guests are always satisfied when browsing your site online, consider looking into finding the most reliable dedicated hosting servers that are right for you.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a service provided by web hosting companies that allows users to rent out entire dedicated servers. Using dedicated hosting is ideal if you have a growing site or if you already have a high-traffic website and you are seeking a dedicated source of bandwidth.

The Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

One of the biggest advantages of having dedicated hosting servers for your own website or business online is the ability to provide faster loading times and speeds for visitors who are interested in the content you provide or the products and services you have to offer. Dedicated hosting does not require users to share servers with other website, which can often cause traffic to slow and become bogged down quickly. Instead, dedicated servers give you the ability to use all of the bandwidth provided to the server itself on your own, without additional sites using it for their own traffic.

Finding the ideal dedicated hosting services for you can be done by comparing prices, packages and different features right from home, online. When you compare dedicated servers for hosting online, it is also possible to compare reliability and uptime, tools as well as the type of support that is offered. Using a dedicated hosting company is a way for you to take any website online to the next level of success.

While there are many advantages to dedicated hosting servers, the most obvious is that it allows you to have more power dedicated to one website or web application. This ensures more reliable operations from your server, which in turn means that your server is far less likely to encounter 503 errors due to a surge of traffic.

Dedicated servers also offer more control and flexibility. You can customize the software components to meet the needs of your applications or alter the way your web server runs so that it performs more efficiently.

The biggest advantage to dedicated hosting is that you gain a superior level of security. You don’t have to worry about other clients bringing down your website like you would with shared hosting, nor do you need to worry about something like a DDoS attack bringing down your site because another server is located on the same machine.

Completely Customizable

Shared hosting accounts force everyone to share space under the same common operating system and web server. Dedicated hosting servers do not have this restriction and are fully customizable. The servers can run any operating system. They can have any library, framework, or webs server software installed to meet the needs of your business. This full customization potential makes dedicated servers a good choice for growing businesses.

Maximum Performance

All other types of traditional web hosting require some type of sharing between multiple users. This is true even on virtual platforms. Dedicated hosting servers are not shared in any way by other accounts or business. All the hardware and software resources on the server are dedicated to your business only. This can maximize performance. Better performance means happier customers, more productive workers, and more revenue.

High Level of Security

Shared hosting is not very secure because everyone is sharing a single server. There are even ways to break out of a partition and access the hypervisor on virtual hosting platforms. These problems are not present when using a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting providers ensure the highest levels of security possible. Other accounts through the provider have no way to access the server. The provider also supplies strong network security so that websites and data stay safe.

Hardware Is Maintained

A major benefit of choosing dedicated servers is that the hardware and network software are maintained by the provider. Dedicated hosting providers perform regular maintenance, replace aging parts and monitor performance. The provider ensures that the dedicated server is running at all times. This eliminates the chance of unexpected downtime. No downtime means your business will be more reliable for customers and employees using the server.

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