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Miami Data Center and Colocation

Why Our Miami Data Center is Strategically Located

Miami is called “The Magic City” for a reason. There’s a lot to love about the city, from the blissful beaches to the bustling social life.

Besides the jam-packed nightspots and shorelines, Miami is also a technology and business epicenter.

According to a CompTIA report, over 2,700 new tech companies thronged Florida in 2021, more than any other state. Most of these businesses pitched camp in Miami.

What’s more, Miami is a hub for financial services. The city is home to Brickell Financial Center, America’s second-largest banking hub.

Miami is an excellent place to do business if the attributes above are anything to go by. No wonder there’s also an ever-increasing demand for Miami data center solutions.

That said, here’s why we chose the city as a prime location for our edge data centers.

Miami Data Center and Colocation

Miami Data Center: Subsea Connectivity to Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe

Miami sits on the southernmost coast of Florida, a strategic location that allows it to serve as the gateway to Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

For starters, Latin America boasts a robust economy that relies on the energy, agricultural, and finance sectors.

Because the city is close to the United Panama Canal deep water port, it helps foster trade between Caribbean and American markets.

Further, Miami is home to the busiest cruise port globally, providing the right environment for tourism to thrive.

That said, choosing Miami as the location for our edge data centers allows us to reach and service Latin America and U.S. businesses without hitches. As a result, we can offer reliable edge colocation services to our customers in these markets.

Reliable Edge Connectivity

When Volico was looking for a location to set up its edge data center, we wanted a place with robust connectivity.

We wanted an area that allows us to content to ISPs, networks, and content providers seamlessly. That way, businesses hosted in our colocation facility can interact with their stakeholders, remote workers, partners, and customers uninterrupted.

Turns out Miami boasts the excellent communication framework we were looking for.

But there’s more to it.

Miami data centers can offer low latency for western and southern locations, making it easy for Volico to transfer and deliver data between networks, link businesses, and end users without unwanted lags.

Remember, as mobile connectivity, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics continue to take center stage, so does the need to process data in real-time. Thus, businesses must set up their IT framework as close as possible to end users to reduce latency.

Further, the subsea cable connecting the United States to South America has its termination point in Miami, enabling the city to provide secure, low-latency connections to businesses worldwide.

In addition, Miami hosts the Network Access Point (NAP) of the Americas (NOTA), one of the largest connection points on the planet.

NOTA allows Volico’s Miami data center to peer and exchange traffic while providing quick access to the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe.

Miami Data Center and Colocation

Government Incentives and Robust Transport Network 

Miami transportation network is A1, so it was a perfect location for our MIA2 and Fort Lauderdale – FLL1 Data Centers.

Better yet, Miami International Airport (MIA) is one the busiest in the United States, connecting 150 destinations worldwide and a staggering 50 million passengers.

Even more intriguing, MIA flies to the Caribbean and Latin America more times than any other airport in the United States.

We were also attracted by the state’s incentives, including low taxes. Did you know there are no personal income taxes in Florida? And, the local authorities don’t charge businesses unitary or inventory charges?

Besides, Miami’s 5.5 percent corporate tax rate is significantly lower than other states. That way, Volico can take advantage of multiple tax exemptions and direct the funds to provide better services for our customers.

And to top it all off, the Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) located in Miami-Dade County allows businesses to accept, store, and export products without incurring duty.

The Presence of Smart Cities

Miami is an aggressive adopter of digital resources, most notably smart cities.

A smart city leverages cameras, sensors, IoT, and other state-of-the-art systems to monitor air, water, and traffic, among other things. The technology allows the city authorities to track emissions and traffic flow to enhance living conditions and safety.

Meanwhile, the Underline is set to open in phases through 2025, improving Miami’s services. The facility boasts biking and walking paths, ultra-fast internet, and a community park.

Volico’s Miami data center is perfectly positioned, considering the requirements for these fast transformations.

Miami Data Center and Colocation

Welcome to Volico’s MIA2 and Fort Lauderdale – FLL1 Data Centers

There wouldn’t have been a better place to set up our edge data centers than Miami.

Our latest addition, the FLL1 Data Center, boasts state-of-the-art data halls, top-notch operations equipment, and spacious network rooms.

The facility has a large conference room, customer lounge, mantrap, and main lobby to create a conducive working environment for our staff.

The best part?

You can experience the FLL1 Data Center by taking a 360-degree virtual tour where you can see everything, including our server rooms.

Meanwhile, in the heart of downtown Miami, Volico’s Miami Data Center (MIA2) is one of the most interconnected facilities and a leading hub for colocation services. The data center offers fast, reliable connectivity to the Caribbean, South America, and other international markets.

The facility houses multiple power grids, international cable landings, fiber loops, and telecom carrier hubs for seamless delivery of high-level traffic between the U.S., Europe, and Latin America.

Volico Data Centers offers the following services at both facilities:

Colocation services
Connectivity solutions
Managed services
Firewall and security
Cloud services
Dedicated servers

Book a Free Consultation Session

If your business or organization is interested in any of our services, you can call us at (305) 735-8098 or chat with one of our experts to discuss which Miami data center solution best suits your business needs.

Miami Data Center and Colocation

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