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What Are The Different Types Of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing or pentesting is a method of testing the security of a system by intentionally exposing it to a situation where a real-life hacker attack is simulated. This “ethical attack” serves the purpose of locating vulnerabilities in a system and finding solutions to secure them before an authentic black hat manages to infiltrate and […]

Data Centers In Miami: What You Need To Know

Latin America has made significant progress concerning connectivity in the past few years, setting foot among the world’s emerging tech industries. Internet penetration has expanded significantly, as well as data center investment, bringing businesses and economic growth to the area. Businesses and startups in growing Latin American markets rely heavily on strong, low-latency connections. This […]

The Importance of Data Center Cable Labeling

data center cable labeling

Well-structured data center cable labeling and rack management are crucial yet often underestimated. A tangled mess of cables and cords not only increases the risk of network downtime but also impedes troubleshooting, prevents uninterpreted airflow in the rack, and complicates system updates. But there’s a way around it — ensuring the cables inside your facility’s […]

Why Our Miami Data Center is Strategically Located

Miami Data Center and Colocation

Miami is called “The Magic City” for a reason. There’s a lot to love about the city, from the blissful beaches to the bustling social life. Besides the jam-packed nightspots and shorelines, Miami is also a technology and business epicenter. According to a CompTIA report, over 2,700 new tech companies thronged Florida in 2021, more than […]

How Colocation Data Centers Services are Powering the Remote Workplaces

Colocation Data Center and Remote Workplaces

As of March 2020, the coronavirus pandemic forced many employees to either reduce their staff or seek remote solutions for their businesses. Remote workplaces are becoming a more common occurrence in many industries and amongst many types of employees. Even before the pandemic, a 2018 IWG survey suggests that 70% of professionals work remotely at […]

The Ins and Outs of Network Attached Storage

What are the Pros and Cons of NAS and SAN Storage Solutions?

Whether you are looking for residential or business data storage solutions, there are many from which to choose. What you select will depend upon your storage and accessibility needs, your budget, and your ability to manage your system in-house. What is NAS (Network Attached Storage?) Network Attached Storage, or NAS, is a computer data storage […]

With Global Shortage of IPv4 Addresses, The World Prepares for IPv6

An IP, Internet Protocol, is the scheme used so computers can communicate with each other. It is a numerical label that assigns a device, such as a computer, to a network. It’s the computer equivalent of the post office system for physical home addresses. A device includes a computer, cell phone, home, automobile, printer, router, […]

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