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Managed Hosting Services

Why Managed Hosting Services Are the Right Choice for Your Business

You need to assess what options are the best when your company needs enterprise-level hosting. Building and maintaining an entire in-house network infrastructure can be expensive and impractical. Managed services are generally a better option because everything is handled by experts working for the provider. Managed hosting services are the right choice for your business for several reasons.

Lower Hosting Costs
Managed services are the right choice because they can lower hosting costs for your business. You can avoid making large capital investments in dedicated infrastructure because the service owns and maintains the network hardware. You do not have to employ an entire staff of information technology specialists just to keep your servers and network operating normally. You pay a consistent rate for only the hosting services that your business is actually using.

Seamless Maintenance
You will want to start using managed hosting solutions because maintenance is performed seamlessly by the provider. If a hardware part wears down or malfunctions, then it will be replaced quickly. The server itself will receive routine maintenance that keeps it working efficiently. If the operating system or other key components require software updates, then the provider will take care of that as well. This level of maintenance can eliminate the risk of extended downtime during the year.

Protect Your Data

Another reason managed hosting services are the right choice is because your data will be protected. Service providers like Volico have some of the best security measures in place in the entire industry. Your servers can be protected against hackers. You data will be backed up regularly so that you can restore information fast if something happens. You can be confident that your data is safe when using a managed hosting service.

Improve Performance

A final reason you should consider managed hosting solutions is to improve performance. These services will be monitoring your servers constantly. If there are performance issues, then they will be isolated and repaired. If something happens like a spike in traffic, then the service will perform load balancing so that all visitors are able to use the site. Better server performance means a better customer or employee experience.

How Managed Hosting Services Can Help Your Company

Although servers are often necessary for the success of a company, some businesses do not have the capital or expertise to maintain an in-house technology infrastructure. This is where managed services can help. These services can take care of nearly every part of deploying and running enterprise-level servers across the Internet. Managed hosting services can help your company in several ways.

Maintenance Occurs Automatically

Active servers for customers and employees cannot continue to operate efficiently without maintenance. Servers need many different types of maintenance usually on a regular basis. Managed hosting providers will perform all of this maintenance automatically. You can be certain that the newest server updates and patches are being installed properly. The hardware will be maintained and replaced when necessary. Managed services make deploying and operating servers very easy regardless of the size of your businesses.

Monitoring and Load Balancing

One of the most valuable things that managed hosting services provider is monitoring and load balancing. Monitoring your in-house servers can require a dedicate staff of information technology experts. This can increase your operating costs. Managed services monitor your servers without increasing costs. This monitoring can prevent major problems. It also allows you to have the highest uptimes possible. Load balancing will adjust server resource so that traffic spikes do not cause problems. Monitoring and load balancing can improve the customer experience and the reliability of your servers.

Managed Backup and Recovery

Hosting services like Volico provide manage backup and recovery solutions. Your business needs to keep redundant copies of your critical data. The loss of key files can lead to problems that affect revenue and productivity. Managed services will back up all your important information on a regular basis. You will never have to worry about catastrophic data loss that could hurt your business permanently. Additionally, the managed service can quickly perform a complete recovery from backups if a problem does occur.

High Level of Security

The Volico hosting service provides the highest level of security for your data and servers. There is constant monitoring so that attacks can be detected and mitigated quickly. Data is encrypted on the remote drives and encrypted before being sent across the Internet to your business. The servers themselves are behind multiple layers of physical security. This makes managed services more secure than most in-house server systems.

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