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What You Should Expect From Your Managed Security Services Provider

Security is one of the most important aspects of your hosted environment. Any network connected to the Internet is vulnerable to attacks and data theft. Network security is a complex area that requires real expertise. Your business should consider using a managed service to handle your network security. You should be aware of some of the benefits of using managed security services.

Monitoring and Intrusion Detection

A major benefit of managed services is constant monitoring. Your servers will be monitored in order to detect when there are suspicious behaviors occurring. These behaviors could be the result of forbidden employee actions or potential malware or viruses that somehow appeared on your system. The service will also use intrusion detection technology to see when someone is attempting to attack or penetrate your servers. The service can even respond quickly in order to stop or mitigate any security issues so that your data remains safe.

Firewall Management

Another advantage is detailed firewall management. Managed hosting services will take care of every part of the firewall. This includes provisioning and monitoring. The firewall will be customized to work with your server and applications without interfering with ports or data packets. It will also be hardened against intruders so that common hacking techniques designed to circumvent the firewall will not work. The service will ensure that your firewall is always protecting your business without causing problems for customers or employees.

Updates and Patches

One of the major parts of security that managed hosting solutions will handle is keeping everything updated and patched properly. Servers and applications that are not kept updated will have vulnerabilities that a hacker could easily exploit. Updating a hosted environment is not an easy process. Customizations and apps could have conflicts with the patches released by developers. The updates need to be carefully assessed to ensure they will not create new security problems or cause issues within the environment. A managed service will take care of all critical security updates.

Disaster Recovery Planning

A final benefit is that managed security services will help with disaster recovery planning just in case something does happen to the hosted environment. This includes having multiple backups available to quickly restore any data that is lost. It also includes having a network of redundant systems in place so that security problems or damage can be circumvented to keep your servers operating. This can keep all your data and servers safe and secure.

Unified Threat Management – Network Security Package with Specific Security Features

News media continue to be concerned with Internet vulnerabilities. The public is upset with identity theft and access to its private information. Of considerable concern is the connection security of website servers, both from the business or provider side and from the user or personal side of service. Simply put, companies do not want data files hacked by unknown entities. Moreover, users accessing a client’s website do not want their personal or business computers invaded by viruses or nefarious lurkers hiding behind remote computer screens and seeking access to private data.

Managing these concerns requires letting hosts know who is connecting to their server by identifying the IP network and other host connections. Not only must network data flow be scanned in transit, but vulnerabilities within connected hosts must be investigated for potential network interference. Security limits on webpage vulnerabilities need to be addressed by providing a mechanism to work around problems identified to access appropriate data without compromising either the website operator or the client user.

Volico – A Resource Team

Volico implemented its “Unified Threat Management” as a user friendly “one stop reporting program” resident on its hosting server. This resolves issues with user security using advanced and swift firewall technologies. High-level security is assured by uniting diverse technologies in a single security platform while providing the website operator with tools of visibility to reveal users, data, and applications while limiting redundant and ineffective filters. DDoS attacks? Multilayered security mitigates breaches, solving potential problems and maximizing uptime even during attacks. Anticipating emerging cyber-crime? Volico actively updates and installs new software!

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