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Server Monitoring Solutions

The Difference That Server Monitoring Solutions Can Make

Servers are complex pieces of equipment that require maintenance and care. Small things can happen that affect performance or even the hardware. Server monitoring helps to address these problems fast. You should know the important differences that monitoring solutions can make for businesses today.

Maximize Uptime

One of the largest differences that server-monitoring services will make is maximizing uptime. Any number of issues can lead to problems that cause your servers to stop working. Something major could be occurring inside of your server that eventually leads to a problem that requires taking the entire system down for repairs. These issues can be avoided with monitoring. Problems can be detected fast so that there is no interruption in service. Avoiding downtime during critical parts of the year can prevent your business from losing revenue.

Improve Performance

Volico monitoring services can improve the performance off your servers, peripherals and network connections. The monitoring that goes on looks at many aspects of the system that is running. If the system starts to struggle or underperform, then modifications can be made. This includes load balancing so that a surge in traffic does not diminish performance. Your business databases and storage are also monitored to make certain that your server is functioning at peak performance at all times.

Protect Hardware

Monitoring solutions help to protect your hardware. If hardware problems are not found early, then you might need to replace important components. This can lead to downtime and potentially data loss. The monitoring service will be looking for signs that a piece of hardware is starting to have problems. The service can then attempt to repair or mitigate the problems. If a hardware failure seems imminent, then the service can replace the server or component quickly so that there is no disruption.

Keep Services Working

A final difference server-monitoring makes is that it can keep your services working. Different services such as an email server or a database server could start to operate abnormally. Internal or network issues could cause your email server to suddenly stop working even though other services continue running. Monitoring the server allows the provider to see when these problems occur so that email or database services can be restarted immediately.

Choose Managed Hosting for Optimal Website Monitoring

In the world of web hosting, you have many hosting options at your disposal. From a typical shared hosting plan (ideal for smaller websites) to fully loaded dedicated servers (perfect for high-traffic websites that put a lot of strain on smaller shared hosting and VPS servers), there’s a plan and a server to meet every need. But if you’ve got a middle-of-the-road website, and one you want to make sure is looked after above and beyond the traditional routine logging and maintenance offered by hosting companies, then you’ll want to consider a fully managed hosting plan.

When a hosting company offers managed services for hosted websites, what they are offering is the monitoring and support of experienced server technicians and web masters. Server downtime, website slowness, out of date scripts or other problems won’t be your concern, because the company provided the managed services will take care of them for you. All that’s required on your part is to pay the hosting bill. The hosting company covers the rest, and they’ll even send you regular updates to let you know how your site is doing from a back-end and technical perspective.

If you’re not very familiar with the technical aspect of hosting a website, or you simply don’t have the time or interest to take care of a website yourself, then choosing a company such as Volico, which offers a wide array of professional web hosting and website security services, makes perfect sense. Volico manages hosting so you don’t have to, which leaves you free to build your customers and expand your business in other aspects.

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