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Colocation and MSPs

Why Colocation is Such a Great Fit for Managed Service Providers

Growing businesses today face many novel challenges, having to undergo several technological transformations to keep pace with constant demand and development. Most companies turn to managed service providers to support these transformations and stay on the cutting edge. The combined benefits of data centers and MSPs can offer the infrastructure and expertise to lift the burden of IT management off a company’s shoulders, allowing organizations to focus on more critical tasks. Small to medium-sized businesses usually lack the resources to efficiently manage all aspects of their IT infrastructure, from data management to applications, software, and networks.

Data centers and MSPs assume the responsibilities of expansive digital infrastructure management while also tackling the most difficult tasks that smaller companies usually lack the expertise to undertake with confidence. 

This article is going to explore the relationship between colocation data centers and MSPs. It will dive into why MSPs are better with data centers and look at why this combo is the perfect match. Stay tuned!

Colocation and MSPs: the ultimate combo for digital infrastructure management at all levels

Infrastructure and workload requirements evolve day by day. However, not all businesses want or have the means to build and sustain complex infrastructures privately and on-premise. On the other hand, businesses relying only on cloud infrastructures can feel like they are out of control of their data, and more recently, this has led to the tendencies of cloud repatriation everyone is talking about.  

MSPs have become critical partners in helping companies undertake new challenges with a competitive edge. MSPs can significantly help in scaling and automating IT infrastructures and processes. Moreover, MSPs take responsibility for the three pillars of data security: confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Furthermore, the strategic partnership of colocation data centers and MSPs can provide services on further levels of complexity as well. Colocation is the perfect fit for managed service providers, allowing them to provide a broader range of high-quality services for their customers. Services that might not be possible without the support of a data center. The joint forces of colocation data centers and MSPs can undertake the responsibility of cloud infrastructure management, offer migration services, or assist their clients if they choose to repatriate some or all of their assets to data centers. All things considered, the combined benefits of data centers and MSPs make a wider range of more flexible solutions possible.

In the following, we will look at the main reasons why colocation and managed service providers are the perfect fit.

Robust, reliable, and redundant infrastructure

The united benefits of colocation data centers and MSPs can offer the safety and reliability that not many on-prem server rooms can. On-site data centers are always at risk of falling victim to either a natural catastrophe or other similarly unfortunate events. Fires and floods are unavoidable and frequent, that’s why most businesses don’t risk compromising their clients’ data. Moreover, downtime comes with serious financial and reputational loss. 

Colocation data centers can offer redundant infrastructure and thus provide better reliability and availability. With infrastructure like this at their backs, managed service providers can assure uptime and assist in making the shift from on-prem frameworks to the more secure, redundant infrastructures of the colocation data center. While the cloud is also an alternative to on-premises solutions, and the chances of downtime are small, there are still cases because of network failures, for example. Colocation data centers, on the other hand, have the redundancy to offer data availability whenever needed.  

Extra backup, security, and compliance

Colocation data centers and MSPs offer customers the best option for data protection: multiple backups. If one storage location fails, there’s the next one, which allows access to data and ensures that downtime is cut to the minimum. Having a backup plan is standard for any organization that wants to be free of worries of failure. 

Additionally, many organizations have compliance requirements to fulfill. Data centers are absolutely essential for the healthcare industry because they need to comply with HIPAA /HITECH regulations. Financial services also face strict obligations for payment transactions and are bound to meet PCI DSS requirements. The extra physical security measures can also be attractive for organizations dealing with large volumes of highly sensitive data. MSPs can confidently assist clients in migrating assets from on-premises to a data center that has all compliance and security requirements up-to-date to receive them and accommodate their needs. 

The joint benefits of colocation data centers and MSPs will thus be the go-to solution for organizations that need a strong, secure, and compliant backbone. 

Flexibility and low-latency

Data centers and MSPs can make all the long-term difference for an organization by helping clients make the best choices for their digital infrastructures. Having all the best options available can be especially important when it comes to scaling up or changing things down the road. 

Businesses of all sizes, but especially growing businesses, can benefit greatly from having various options for their changing needs. Developing workloads needs different approaches and environments for maximum efficiency. Being able to shift workloads between environments is just as important as having excellent network and bandwidth availability. Latency can also become an issue if the data centers are located too far away from the end user base of the applications. It can also limit clients from leveraging the opportunities offered by edge colocation. With the connected benefits of colocation data centers and MSPs, clients can take advantage of having access to geographically diverse locations and profit from dynamic workload management. 

The perks of easy scalability

Data centers and MSPs bring together many advantages that make scaling up easier and more cost-efficient. Managing a private server room can become increasingly expensive as a company grows. Besides, the risk of falling victim to an expensive data breach is higher with an on-prem solution due to the many risks of human error involved. Colocation data centers make scaling up very efficient and easy by offering a wide variety of server options, from extra hardware to virtualization and mixed solutions to increase capacity efficiently. Managed service providers, on the other hand, can assist their clients with solutions that are designed and tailored to meet their specific business needs. 

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning

Becoming a victim of a catastrophe or a data breach can be devastating for any business. For this reason, having disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place can make all the difference between having to shut down completely or stopping the disaster at the early beginning and recovering with control over the situation. 

Many companies opt for the disaster recovery and business continuity plans offered by colocation data centers and MSPs for the many advantages they offer. The data center provides the necessary offsite backups to make sure everything keeps going after an incident. The managed service provider, on the other hand, can offer a well-detailed disaster recovery solution, with action plans for every situation. The MSP can quickly and efficiently find a solution to minimize downtime and restore processes as soon as possible. Moreover, having the united efficiency of data centers and MSPs at your company’s back lifts the responsibility and worry of managing a specialized department on-site, out of your own resources. 

Data Center Managed Services

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