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Volico Data Center IT Predictions: 2017

Predictions can be a tricky business, particularly in the IT field. We’ve gathered the ones we are most confident in, that we think will not only benefit the IT field, but eventually become well-known outside specialized circles. The trickle down movement of new tech and practices from the industry to the general public has always been there, but the flow is starting to run both ways as cooperation and common goals emerge between fields previously seen as discrete and disparate.

What will we see in IT in 2017?

Most of the trends experts are predicting as growth factors in the New Year are not totally new to the scene. Some have been around for years, others emerged more recently, but all should cross the chasm into widespread use and ubiquity in 2017. The key to any tech forecast is analyzing past growth and unmet market needs, and then staying on top of or ahead of widespread adoption, not only to retain marketability but also to stay competitive on every level.

  •  Containers. Containers allow developers to encapsulate all the systems needed to run an application, including the OS and other resources and wrap it up in a low-memory cost, easy to transfer package. The savings in server space alone have been significant, and we expect this trend to continue its growth even outside of the IT realm, reaching consumers directly in the third or fourth quarter of 2017.
  •  Virtualization. Like containers, virtualization allows for tremendous savings of energy, space, and other resources, while at the same time providing a very effective tool in the IT world. We’ve already seen virtual servers, virtual operating systems, virtual hardware, and network resources will be buzzwords in the next twelve months.
  •  Cloud services. For a technology over 65 years old, cloud computing is only coming into its adolescence. As the IT industry’s version of a 24-hour diner, cloud storage and computing still has a long way to come in terms of security and resistance to malware; however, in the coming year, we expect even further dependence in every sector.
  •  IoT. We’ve been talking about Internet-connected household items for a decade now, and they still haven’t taken hold the way anyone expected. That’s precisely the adoption model that happened to cell phones, DVD’s, and laptop computers. Since we’re on the cusp of crossing into IoT being in every home, it’s key to note that there are still critical security concerns involved that have yet to be sufficiently addressed on an industry-wide level.
  •  DevOps. It’s not good enough to be just in IT; there is a growing trend to emphasize a symbiotic linkage between IT and software developers. This shift is another one that took off in certain circles in 2016, but we expect should hit the mainstream and skyrocket in mid-2017.

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IT has never been a stagnant field. However, the key to staying on top involves avoiding the fads and crazes and investing time and energy into the areas that will actually enhance your company’s ability to function more effectively. To learn more about these and other growing trends, contact a qualified representative at Volico today. We can be reached at 888-865-4261.

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