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The Benefits Of Managed Hosting Services

Website hosting companies that offer Managed Services are valuable business partners. They are especially valuable to those who need a full service support team from their website host. The host manages the client’s server and takes care of all technical issues and maintenance needs. The client still has full administrator access but does not have to worry about upkeep on the software.

As part of the Managed Hosting service, the company will monitor the hardware around the clock for any issues that need to be attended to. The client will have exclusive access to their server and will not have to share any resources. This is a powerful feature as it lets clients apply changes as needed and increases opportunities for adding functionality to a website. The server will be able to handle more traffic and visitors will spend more time exploring the website. The result will be more sales opportunities and installing a shopping cart and payment gateway will make it easy for visitors to spend money.

The advantage of using Managed Services is that the host will provide all the functions for reliable service. This is essential to earn new customers and exist ones coming back. A website that is plagued by slow loading pages related to traffic, or downtime in general, will lose customers. Most Internet users would rather support a site that offers quick service. Since the client has exclusive access to a server, they also have the benefit of a direct connection to the Internet. They will not be sharing the storage or processing power and can add as many elements as necessary to give visitors the best experience possible.

Of all the options offered by website hosts, Managed hosting will fit the needs of many companies the best. It might cost more than other options, but the increase in reliability and features makes it worth it. The client still has the access they need, but none of the technical issues to deal with. Considering the potential profit available from having an online storefront, this is a smart investment for most companies.

Managed Hosting Vs. Shared Hosting

Those looking for remote hosting have an important decision to make: managed hosts or shared hosts? While each offers some distinct advantages, experts are increasingly pointing user toward dedicating host solutions. Here are a few of the reasons why it’s generally best to upgrade from shared hosts to dedicated hosts.

Better Security

Shared hosting provides great security, and there have been few threats caused by the shared nature of these platforms. However, using a shared host opens your data up to a number of different attacks that are not possible with managed hosting. By limiting the potential attack vector, you can provide an additional layer of security.


No matter how well segregated computers are on a shared host, the store of physical resources is inherently limited. While there are techniques for ensuring that one account does not use too many resources, none are foolproof, and those who need the utmost in reliability will find managed hosting to provide superior support. This can also make it easier to diagnose problems as there is no way for another user to cause performance issues.


Shared hosts often have limitations on what users are allowed to do. These restrictions are necessary to ensure that all accounts sharing the host have an equitable share of resources. For those with growing businesses, however, these limitations can become major problems down the line. This flexibility is essential for ensuring that your host is able to grow alongside your demands.

Hosts are essential for competing in the Digital Age, but the sheer number of options can be a bit confusing. By sticking with our managed solutions, you can be assured that your host is able to grow and scale with your business while keeping your data safe.

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