Storage Tiering and Cost Savings for Data Backup and Recovery

No matter where you look, the cost of the newest technology is rising for businesses. While older tech tends to plummet in price faster, the latest and greatest brings such complexity to the table that costs tend to run high. Due to the rising cost, industries are now learning to become more efficient in how they handle their internal IT setup and design to help them improve efficiency and lower their prices. One practice that is helping businesses achieve this is storage tiering.

What is Storage Tiering?

Storage tiering is a storage networking method that allows you to break down your data into sections based on importance. By sorting the different types of data that you are storing and deciding which applications and systems need which kind of storage, you can allocate data to various storage services.  For example, low-importance data could be relegated to slower drives or lower cost services.

How Does It Work?

To begin the process of deciding what type of tiered storage options your company needs you would work closely with your IT department to analyze your data and divide it by security and accessibility needs. Together you would plan which systems and applications are of most importance and progressively move down the list to the least essential applications or data. Once the analysis has been completed on your data, your IT team will be able to help you choose a tiered system that gets the lowest price for the type of security and accessibility each tier needs.

Benefits of Storage Tiering:

There are two main benefits of storage tiering, and both are essential in helping companies reduce the cost of their data backup and recovery. The first benefit of storage tiering is that it reserves the most expensive storage for the crucial applications and data that have been given a higher priority level. This allows your company to use your higher-quality storage systems for the applications that your company relies on the most so that they are available when needed.

The second benefit of storage tiering is that it allows you to choose lower-cost storage for the remaining applications and data. By being able to break your storage needs down in tiers of importance, you allow yourself the ability to have a storage system that is more affordable while meeting your business needs without sacrificing performance, access, recovery, and backups.  Effective tiering may even allow you to work out deals between different service providers with different specialties.

Reducing Costs:

Every business knows that their data storage is one of their most important and potentially expensive needs. By using a storage tiering option, your company can reduce costs by not paying premium storage rates for data that simply doesn’t need it. This allows your performance to improve as your most crucial applications use your most expensive storage while your applications and data of lesser importance are put into more affordable storage that allows the data to be used and accessed as needed while lowering the overall cost of your storage needs.

Ready to Learn More About the Practicalities of Storage Tiering?

If you are ready to learn more about how tiered storage can help your business lower operating costs, then contact our team today, and we will be glad to assist you in coming up with a plan that will suit your business’ unique needs.

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