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What Are the Benefits of Managed Colocation vs. Traditional Colocation

power usage effectiveness

Space is just one element in the equation when it comes to the spectrum of solutions and offers colocation data centers provide today. A wide variety of colocation managed services are also made available by some of these facilities, completing the colocation offer with something more. These services can assist customers with taking care of […]

Biggest Challenges of the Data Center Industry

Data Center Challenges

As the world keeps evolving in the direction of digital transformation, a number of pivotal data center challenges are arising along the line. With the recent rise of AI applications, the IoT, and edge demand, the industry has to put an increased effort into coping with the immense volumes of data generated each minute. Keeping […]

Industries That Could Benefit The Most From Global Data Center Growth

Data Center Build vs Buy

Data centers have become a crucial part of the digital infrastructure as more industries embrace digital transformation. According to research, the global data center market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 2% from 2022 to 2030, reaching approximately $519 billion. This growth will be driven by the rising demand for cloud computing, […]

Object Storage vs. Block Storage: A Simple Breakdown for Beginners

object storage or block storage

Object storage and block storage are types of cloud data storage that provide specific ways of managing data. The two have been designed to be suitable for storing different kinds of data, depending on the need for speed, accessibility, and workload of a business. The types of technologies for storage play different roles in different […]

Why Data Centers are Essential for the Healthcare Industry

Why Data Centers Are Important for the Health Care Industry

As the world keeps growing in population and our lifespans, fortunately, stretch for longer, there’s an increasing need for efficiency to deal with the numbers in the healthcare industry. The pandemic has made it clear that the healthcare sector needs to expand further. This growth will bring to the fore the need for efficient healthcare […]

What It Means To Have A Truly Reliable Enterprise Data Backup Solution

data backup

Data is a valuable tool for any organization’s prosperity. Based on data analysis, companies can make deductions and create strategies for growth. A company’s data is made up of many things, including client information, internal documents and files, credentials, system data, and intellectual property. The true price of data is invaluable, and losing it can […]

How Can Colocation Save Your Business Money?

Colocation Data Center

Colocation data centers, often called “colo” centers, are third-party facilities that provide businesses with physical space to house their servers, networking equipment, and other computing infrastructure. Unlike traditional on-premises data centers, where companies invest heavily in building and maintaining their facilities, colocation centers offer shared infrastructure, economies of scale, and advanced management services. In today’s […]

What Is Ceph Storage Cluster & Why Our Data Center Customers Love It?

More organizations and businesses are moving to Ceph storage as data production crystallizes around edge computing. While Ceph was designed for High-Performance Computing (HPC) environments, it has attracted the interest of organizations looking for a unified cluster system that can handle blocks, data lakes, and high-growth files. Backup and storage solutions assume paramount importance these […]

Should Healthcare Organizations Continue to Maintain On-Premises Data Centers?

on-premises data centers

Healthcare facilities haven’t always been fans of cloud computing.  Not too long ago, the prevailing opinion was that the cloud wasn’t secure enough for healthcare data, and it was safer to store it on-site – On-Premises Data Centers. Fast forward, the healthcare industry is choking with data.  Consider, for instance, the 2018 Statista projection that […]

Planned vs. Unplanned Downtime: What’s the Difference?

data breach

Downtime is bad for business. It is disruptive, costly, and unacceptable in today’s super-competitive business landscape. Whether scheduled maintenance or unexpected outage, being unable to access your systems during working hours can lead to productivity losses, missed opportunities, data loss, damage to your brand, and hefty Service Level Agreement (SLA) payouts. Still, you can curtail […]

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