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Dedicated Servers

Qualities You Should Look for in a Dedicated Servers

The three most important things for dedicated servers to have are: powerful hardware, military-grade security and a prime location.

Without all three, you won’t enjoy a smooth operations from your servers. You’ll only run into problem after problem, which may dissuade you from using a dedicated service at all.

There’s so many potential choices, but here’s what you should look for in ideal Dedicated Server:

• Servers hosted in a SAS70/SSAE16 certified and HIPAA/NIST compliant data center.
• Features such as active security monitoring, support, and backup environmental controls
• Facilities with a redundant power and cooling structure.
• Military grade security to prevent data breaches.

Dedicated servers that meet all of these requirements can freely be used for whatever purpose you need. They are especially ideal for data backup centers, which allows you to keep an off-site copy of your company’s precious data in the event that a natural disaster occurs.

The best dedicated server companies spare no expense in ensuring that their clients know about these properties. They also make sure that their clients receive the type of dedicated servers closest to their ideal setup as possible.

If you are looking for the best dedicated servers company to partner with for your business’s unique needs, rest assured that Volico has the solutions that you need. When you need to find the best primary service provider or a provider to enhance business continuity and disaster recovery, Volico has the solutions that you need. The company takes an integrated approach to deliver solutions to its customers for their server hosting needs. Its solutions are designed to be cost-effective for most businesses, and the company is known in the industry for its dependability.

Volico also stands apart from the crowd through its enhanced service delivery, backup services, logical processes, security monitoring services, and other services. Everything about Volico’s services is designed to protect your data in a cost-effective and dependable manner.

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