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Managed Services from Your Colocation Provider

A smoothly functioning IT infrastructure is one of the most fundamental prerequisites of a successful company. All businesses – regardless of their size – depend on their IT groundwork to be efficient and productive. In today’s world, where sophisticated new technologies bring a lot of change and require flexibility to adapt and keep pace, operating everything smoothly is of increasing importance. However, behind the impeccable facades, many companies are struggling to supervise every aspect of their in-house IT operations. Because of that, it’s becoming increasingly popular to opt for managed services provided by third parties.

In many cases, the effort of managing IT environments in-house is usually more expensive, and putting in all the effort it requires takes away the resources from other areas. In order to handle resources better, it makes sense to outsource time-consuming tasks like upgrading and troubleshooting and let a data center colocation provider take care of them through managed services.

Partnering with a data center colocation provider who can offer an extensive portfolio of managed services like Volico Data Centers reduces costs and allows the energy and resources to be redirected to more important areas.

In this article, we will look at what managed services encompass and the many benefits they can bring to companies that want to make the best out of their available resources.

Take Advantage of Managed IT Services from Your Colocation Provider

Managed security services

In order to be safe from the most significant risks a company can face today, managed services can come in handy to bring that extra layer of security. Colocation providers like Volico are equipped with everything they need to provide security against a growing number of threats.

Managed security extends to many areas and offers a comprehensive approach to target possible access points. Security starts at the physical level and spreads to the deeper layers of the network, user access, servers, and internal systems. Continuous monitoring and regular vulnerability assessments are also part of security managed services. Managed services providers take on the responsibility to implement and maintain security measures.  Volico Managed Security Services include:

  • Server Monitoring
  • Managed Firewall & VPN
  • Nextgen Firewall
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • PCI Compliance
  • Managed UTM
  • Application Security
  • DDOS Mitigation

The totality of those safety precautions fortifies a company’s IT infrastructure from many sides, assuring that critical systems and data are protected from unauthorized intruders.

Data Center Colocation Managed Services

Managed Firewall Service

Network security features must include a firewall for controlling the incoming and outgoing traffic depending on specific pre-set rules. The firewall ensures that there is a barrier of security between a trusted and an untrusted network.  Firewalls are of prime importance in the line of defense against cyber threats. Although it is an essential part of cybersecurity, its management can be time-consuming and require many resources. Volico Managed Firewall Services were designed with that in mind.

Certified engineers at Volico Data Centers are here to take the burden of firewall management from your company’s shoulders, so your team can concentrate resources on more important business tasks.

managed vpn firewall

Enterprise Managed Backup Solutions​

Another major risk that can jeopardize the functioning of a company is data loss. Data loss can happen for many reasons, the most common being cyber attacks and unforeseen catastrophes. But regardless of the cause, it can be devastating for a company.

To prevent it from happening, regular backups are required. This is in order to ensure that in case your company does experience data loss, there is a possibility of restoring everything to normal functioning as soon as possible. Backup and recovery as managed services make it certain that a company’s data and application availability doesn’t end up being a time- and resource-consuming process.

Managed Colocation services providers can guarantee the safety of data by planning out the most efficient backup strategies and performing the regular backups necessary. Colocation data center providers like Volico also handle different kinds of storage systems and offer managed backup solutions on personal, business, and enterprise levels.

Volico Unified Threat Management

Volico offers The Ultimate Network Security Package, which includes unified, far-reaching control over all aspects of security. This solution has all the necessary features and managed services gathered in one place, offering an efficient and smooth solution. By choosing this solution, you get:

  • One Stop Shop Reporting Platform

Full-specified, locally stored reports to improve network performance and keep your users safe.

  • Crystallized Network Security Platform

Volico’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) security software framework offers the best firewall technologies to keep your network safe. You get the opportunity to flexibly spread high-level security solutions to meet the needs of your dynamic systems.

  • Amalgamation Without Compromise

The concept of Security Amalgamation was founded by Volico Data Centers more than 10 years ago. The high-level technologies and solutions we offer continue to lead the industry today.

Hardware and software management

Managed services can take on the responsibility of managing time and resource-draining tasks like updating, installing new software, and maintaining/changing pieces of hardware. Managed services in a colocation data center like Volico include updates, license compliance, and completing the necessary maintenance on hardware and software.

Outsourcing these tasks reduces the strain on a company’s IT team. It frees up valuable time and energy reserves that can be better used in crucial business activities and in achieving goals. It can be easier and less stressful to run a business knowing that your IT infrastructure is in maximum security.

Data Center Colocation Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Business today doesn’t exist without the cloud anymore. It is a fundamental element of operations that offers the flexibility, speed, and cost-effective solutions necessary to succeed. Cloud managed services extensively administer all cloud infrastructure-related tasks. This can be assistance with migrating to the cloud, managing cloud-based storage, or setting up cloud-based software and applications.

Access to cloud managed services enables you to fully leverage what cloud computing has to offer without having to carry all the infrastructure and resources on the back of your company. Managed services can make it easier to scale up and optimize operations and resources.

Volico cloud managed services offer highly secure Infrastructure as a Service for web, mobile, and apps. Cloud experts at Volico run your cloud infrastructure for you in an enterprise-grade managed cloud environment, saving you the trouble and the cost while keeping everything up to date with the top cloud trends in 2023.

Server and Network Monitoring Services and Management

Server monitoring is a crucial part of managed services that makes sure that servers are working at maximum efficiency. Network and server monitoring is essential for tracking down security breaches, failures, and inefficiencies. Continuous monitoring of critical network infrastructure ensures smooth functioning and availability. It is indispensable for preventing network outages, optimizing performance, and reducing downtime.

Volico Data Centers offers different monitoring options based on your needs:

  • Server and Network Availability Monitoring
  • Network and server Performance Monitoring
  • Critical Activity on the Server Monitoring


Managed Clustering

There are two basic types of clustering: fault tolerance and load balancing. Fault tolerance is responsible for making applications more robust, reliable, and highly available. Load balancing is responsible for fast response times, throughput, and better scalability.

Since every situation is different and complex, Volico managed clustering services offer custom-tailored solutions to fit even the most complex configurations.

Load Balancing

When distributing traffic between more servers, load balancing is the solution to provide a high level of redundancy and reliability for mission-critical applications and websites. Load balancing helps the system handle fluctuations in data volumes by redirecting and distributing the traffic between multiple servers.

Volico’s load balancing solutions provide constant monitoring of the servers and the load to achieve the best performance possible. Our wide range of load balancing services focuses on finding the most optimal option for your business model and needs. By opting for Volico’s load balancing services, you get:

  • Increased scalability of your data
  • High availability of your application
  • High performance
  • Web experience is the fastest

Migration Services

Since cloud infrastructures have become high-performance, compliance-ready, and very secure, there’s no longer a need for big companies to maintain their own data centers in-house. Managed cloud services run by experts and the latest automation technologies are highly reliable and less expensive. On top of that, they are also highly customizable to fit the needs of any business.

Data migration is a complex and somewhat challenging procedure for IT teams. Moving large quantities of data efficiently and without risks is often a time-consuming process. As long as the small risk of data loss exists, there’s a chance of end-users being affected.

Because of this, it’s crucial that your data migration is in expert hands. Volico’s professionals can create a fully customized data migration strategy for each company, ensuring that the most efficient solution is implemented in each particular case. Volico’s approach offers more than just reformatting data: once the migration has been completed, there’s quality control to make sure everything is in order. Volico offers data migration managed services for applications, e-mail, servers, and databases.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning Services

Catastrophes happen, and the importance of having disaster recovery and business continuity plans can’t be stretched enough. Those are the guarantees that after an unfortunate event, a company can get back on its feet and do this in the shortest possible timeframe. Strategic planning is thus an essential precautionary step, that can save a business in case of a catastrophe.

Colocation data centers can serve as advisors as part of managed services and offer IT consulting and planning services. Being up to date with the latest technologies and having the expertise and understanding of tendencies in the industry, these managed services teams can offer the best solution, custom-made for the client. This can include advice on system architectures, digital transformation, or the adoption of new technologies.

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are not only about continuing after a catastrophe but also about preventing it from happening. When you choose a managed services provider like Volico, you can get access to ample, tailor-made disaster recovery and business continuity planning services.


Establishing a partnership with a colocation provider who can cater to your business needs with a broad portfolio of managed services can help you reach your goals and flourish in a competitive business landscape.

Got questions? Want to talk specifics? That’s what we’re here for.

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Data Center Colocation Managed Services

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