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What Are the Benefits of Managed Colocation vs. Traditional Colocation

colocation for small businesses

Space is just one element in the equation when it comes to the spectrum of solutions and offers colocation data centers provide today. A wide variety of colocation managed services are also made available by some of these facilities, completing the colocation offer with something more. These services can assist customers with taking care of […]

VMware 10X Price Increase Leaves Companies Looking for Alternatives

VMware rising prices

The VMware price increase followed by Broadcom’s acquisition is rocking boats in the tech world, and to no surprise: Broadcom’s shift of focus on larger companies leaves smaller VMware customers in extremely unfavorable situations. The acquisition of VMware started way back in May 2022, when Broadcom announced the plans, which became a reality not long […]

Managed Services from Your Colocation Provider

A smoothly functioning IT infrastructure is one of the most fundamental prerequisites of a successful company. All businesses – regardless of their size – depend on their IT groundwork to be efficient and productive. In today’s world, where sophisticated new technologies bring a lot of change and require flexibility to adapt and keep pace, operating […]

How Can MSP’s Ramp their Revenue by Partnering with a Colocation Provider?

MSP’s Partnering with a Colocation Provider

Many managed service providers (MSP) are looking for new revenue streams for their business to stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. With the ever-growing presence of cloud computing, finding new ways to support clients can be tricky. One solution that could add revenue to your MSP business is to consider partnering with a colocation […]

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