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Edge Computing – The Next Multi-Billion Tech Market

Edge computing is a new form of computing technology boasting wonderful advantages, which are enticing new companies and new capital. Edge computing is a contrast to centralized networks where data is less secure and value is decreased. With edge computing applications, data, and services are pushed to the outer boundaries of a network—the edges. Edge computing replicates parcels of information across web servers and distributed networks – decentralizing the information.

Edge computing goes by many other names – fog computing, mesh computing, peer-to-peer computing, and grid computing. This new form of decentralized computing improves the security, safety, and privacy of business information, giving businesses more opportunities and customers more control over their private information. Edge computing also means less interruption of business services.

The main reason edge computing is likely to be a billion-dollar business is that the cost of implementation is constantly coming down, making the technology available to small- and mid-sized companies, in addition to large businesses or government operations. Edge computing is now the next wave after cloud computing.

The advantages of edge computing

Some of the core advantages of edge computing are:

  •       Edge computing helps to create mesh networks, which permit a user to move data without the need for a cell tower. Mesh networks are also useful in artificial intelligence.
  •       As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, the amount of information that needs to be processed is expanding, simultaneously. Edge computing can manage that expansion so that IoT can flourish. Decentralized networks are better able to handle the transition to IoT than other technologies.
  •       An increased processing time between devices and between a device and a server.
  •       It decreases the amount of data that needs to be moved, the traffic that movement creates, and the distance the date needs to travel. In short, edge computing makes for less costs and better quality of service.
  •       It’s better for security. Edge computing means data can be checked at more processing points and more firewalls. More checks mean better security.
  •       It extends scalability. As the needs of a company or organization grow, edge computing makes it easier to manage those growth opportunities.

There are many other technical, service, and cost advantages that are enticing start-ups and established businesses to replace or upgrade their current information systems to edge technology.

Practical applications of edge computing

Decentralized computing has the potential to benefit every business and governmental sector, from medical care to insurance to banking. A few examples of the possibilities with edge computing are:

  •       Smart homes. Many current smart devices require voice prompts. Edge computing could allow these devices to use sensors and controllers to respond directly to changing conditions. Edge computing means smart communications don’t have to go through the cloud or the Internet. The “smartness” is built directly into the home devices.
  •       Smart cities and towns. As with smart homes, the information needed to make bright decisions about traffic control, health hazards, and other city functions can be built into the devices instead of having to pass through the cloud. This improves security and makes for faster and better services.
  •       Collaboration. Because edge computing makes sharing information safer, collaboration becomes more logical. Technology companies, hospitals, the government, and other entities could collaborate to help communities and individuals – provided privacy issues are properly addressed.

Practical applications of edge computing

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