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Does Your Business Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?

Business Continuity is vital to business success. How do you determine the continuity and recovery requirements of your business to protect against a disaster? How do you identify your priorities and find suitable protection? Where do you start?

All of these questions are part of developing a business continuity strategy. Business continuity is not as simple as paying for a service and signing a check. It is a process, like many other security measures that a business must undertake. To simplify the process, we have narrowed it down to four steps:

1. Analysis
2. Planning
3. Implement
4. Test.

Volico’s facilities in Miami, Deerfield, and Chicago offer geographic redundancy while providing a secure environment for recovery. Our data center disaster recovery plan for business continuity includes:

Identification of critical services and operational objectives.
Storage and ranking of assets based on criticality to your business.
Identify the severity of vulnerabilities in infrastructure.
Prioritize credible disaster threats and existing vulnerabilities.
Develop strategies that minimize risk of disaster and maximize ROI.

Volico works with you in creating data center disaster recovery plans and providing cost estimates to adapt our facility and technology resources for continuous availability of your business specifically:

Backup and recovery options for local and remote data.
Disaster recovery site options at our Category 5 Hurricane proof facilities.
Assessment of the recoverability of mission critical infrastructure.
Harden the protection of your critical business services.

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