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Dedicated Server

Why A Dedicated Server Is The Only Choice

Dedicated servers are ideal for businesses that have a high volume of e-commerce transactions. Network connectivity is an important factor for your business and customers. Reliability of your network and server uptime are important considerations that affect your business operations. Backup and data recovery capabilities are needed in case your system fails. Consult with Volico today to discover how they can help your business.

As hosting providers, Volico offers its clients a wide range of fully integrated services. Utilizing the most advanced tech available, our certified and trained staff operates in conjunction with innovative and industry leading product partners to provide cost effective and scalable solutions. We are prepared to come in and help with business continuity, disaster recovery and other dedicated hosting services.

If you must maintain your own servers in-house, this can cost a lot of money. A server that is dedicated to your business is also called managed hosting. These servers are not shared with other companies. You won’t have to worry about losing irreplaceable customer information and company data. You will have hosting services that are dedicated to your website and applications. Choose additional IT solutions if needed such as extra security or marketing tools.

Dedicated servers give you a high level of security and offer you more control over your business. Enjoy the high level of performance found on your own server while benefiting from greater computer capacity. Dedicated servers also offer greater reliability unlike traditional shared servers. You can expand your business on the same server without operations being disrupted. There is no need for you to buy your own hardware.

Volico offers server backup tools that are efficient and reliable. They also offer state-of-the-art security and storage systems. Experienced professionals will set up your server and install approved web applications that you need for managing customer contacts, e-commerce and blogging. Flexibility and speed are the most important benefits of dedicated web hosting services. If you have a variety of websites, then dedicated servers will be a cost-effective choice for your business.

The positives of hiring a dedicated server

As your website traffic increases, your follower count grows, and you’re beginning to consume more and more server resources with each passing month, you should give some thought to the possibility of switching to dedicated hosting. Shared and virtual private server hosting plans are great options for personal sites and small companies just starting out, but for those larger websites who require more resources and server CPU usage in order to be optimized and properly maintained, some thought should be given to dedicated hosting.

Unlike shared hosting plans, dedicated web hosting plans almost always utilize dedicated servers, which means that your website will have all of a server’s resources at its disposal. From ample amounts of storage space, data transfer (often referred to simply as bandwidth), and a strong CPU and a generous supply of RAM to keep everything running at a fast speed, a dedicated plan may be what your website needs.

One of the best perks of having dedicated servers to yourself is that you can do whatever you’d like with your website, including the installation of content management systems that may utilize more server resources than the average shared hosting plan can handle. Additionally, if you have space and resources to spare on your server, you can share your dedicated web hosting plan with family members or friends.

If you’re considering making the upgrade to a dedicated web-hosting plan, consider Volico for all of your hosting needs. The company’s focus is on setting the industry standard with top of the line security protocols and 24/7 dependability. Volico can meet the needs of any website, whether it’s a website for a business that you need to keep running in optimal condition, a backup in case a primary server fails, or simply a company that you can rely on for uptime, security, and disaster recovery.

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