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Cloud Hosting Services Provider

Choosing a Cloud Hosting Services Provider

Today, online businesses have many different decisions that must be made in order to conduct their operations efficiently and effectively. One of which involves Cloud Hosting and selecting a service provider that will assist with them meeting the company’s goals and objectives. While there are many different cloud hosting companies that offer their services to businesses that have simple to complex needs, finding the best cloud hosting services provider can become a challenge within itself.

One way to make sure the business owner makes the best decision is to research what is offered in the industry and by whom. For instance, when a company needs multiple servers to conduct their business activities, they will need to find service providers that can provide the number of servers that the company needs in order to house all of their data. Therefore, it is important for the business owner to know how large or small the scope of their business entails.

Another major issue that business owners need to consider is what type of disaster recovery plan is in place, specifically as it relates to disaster recovery. Because the data that the company secures is critical to their overall operation and their stability, it is important that the business owner knows how the data will be protected in the case of floods, earth quakes, and other damage that can occur as a result of devastation.

Since these networks are normally located off site, the services providers networks may be in another city, state, or country. This means, if the provider has a relatively easy and comprehensive plan, the networks can be back up as quickly as possible (same day or at the most several days). So, the company can continue to conduct business effectively and efficiently, while the home office that’s located in the center of the devastation can return to normal business as soon as the damage has been taken care of.

Why Businesses Should Choose Cloud Hosting

Hosting with cloud technology is quickly becoming one of the most popular options available for businesses of all sizes today. These virtualized servers and infrastructures can supply nearly any combination of services that a company needs. This type of hosting has several distinct advantages for businesses.

No Issues with Peak Loads

One of the features of the best cloud hosting services is the ability to add and remove resources as the need arises. This is very important for growing businesses. A promotion or other event could cause a spike in traffic to a website. The advantage of cloud servers is that more bandwidth or processing power can be allocated when this occurs in order to handle the load. This means usage spikes will not cause a website to slow down or crash during critical moments.

No Downtime

Downtime is the enemy of any company that relies on websites and online services. A few minutes or hours of downtime can have a measurable impact on revenues and possibly productivity. Cloud hosting provides redundant systems for clients. The fact that the hosting is virtualized means that there is no chance of downtime during the year. If an issue occurs that makes a server or other piece of hardware inaccessible, then the cloud service will simple route requests to an operational component.

Customizable Setup

Every aspect of the hosting platform can be customized completely. The virtualization allows clients to choose nearly any operating system. It is even possible to upload the image of an operating system to the servers. The amount of resources can be scaled up in order to meet new demand. New underlying hardware components can be added to the network to meet backup or storage needs. This flexibility allows the cloud infrastructure and software to grow as technology changes and the business evolves.

Managed Services

One final advantage is that the hosting provider manages and maintains all of the hardware and some of the software. It is unnecessary for businesses to spend time and money tracking maintenance, purchasing new hardware and attempting to update operating systems or server software. This allows companies to spend more time improving the business and increasing profits.

Volico’s Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has gotten increasingly popular in the past couple of years. This is because a cloud solution can give you practically anything that a physical hosting service can deliver, minus many of the associated problems, such as downtime caused by hardware maintenance. When you host your website or applications in the cloud, you will no longer be bound by the limitations of hardware. Volico’s services allow you to use a platform that is fully scalable and can adapt to your needs quickly. With a virtual cloud, you can launch as many virtual servers as needed to power your online services, without having to wait hours or even days for physical servers to be provisioned. All without the overhead of acquiring, configuring, and maintaining physical hardware.

If you’re looking for the absolute best cloud hosting services, Volico has what you need. Our virtual cloud servers support various platforms, such as Linux, BSD and Windows, so no matter which platform you are comfortable working with, you can use it with us. A virtual cloud hosting solution is designed with customization and scalability in mind. As the customer, you get full control of the specifications of the servers that you launch. You can set the number of CPU cores, RAM, and storage space to fit your needs exactly. You can also deploy additional servers in just a couple of minutes. This makes it very easy if you need to launch servers to test applications and want to keep them separate from production servers.

Even though there are now hundreds of cloud service providers on today’s market, Volico stands out from the crowd. We’ve been providing hosting services to businesses large and small for over 14 years now. Our data center has been built with reliability in mind, allowing us to exceed 99.999% network uptime, which is something that few service providers have managed to accomplish. And if ever you have any questions or concerns, our technical support staff are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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