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Why Your Business Should Be Using SaaS Hosting Solutions

Software as a service (SaaS) is one of the newest and most popular models for deploying or distributing computer applications. It is done by hosting an application on a server that users connect to through a client. Your business should be using SaaS hosting solutions for a few important reasons.

Software as a service (SaaS) is becoming one of the most practical ways to distribute and use software. Many hosting companies are now available that can provide access to an infrastructure and even a platform for SaaS development, distribution and use. Using these hosting services for SaaS comes with several benefits.

Simple Distribution Model

One of the main reasons to use this type of hosting is because SaaS provides a simple and efficient distribution model. You do not need to distribute hard copies of a program to every workstation or client. You do not need to create different versions of the software to match various operating systems and hardware configurations. Everyone can access the software across the Internet using a client or a web browser. This even opens up the possibility of distributing software to a range of devices like smart phones without requiring multiple versions of the same application.

Make Changes Seamlessly

Software that is distributed in the traditional way must be installed locally on individual computers. If patches or updates are needed, then each installation needs to be specifically updated. This can cause large disruptions within a business. It can cause version problems and conflicts if updates are missed. It can be very inconvenient for customers. SaaS hosting allows you to make changes seamlessly. You can update the core application in the cloud so that the changes take effect for everyone connecting to the hosting service right away.

Lower Overhead

The reality is that the traditional software distribution model is costly both when used internally and externally. Your company needs to keep hardware and supporting software systems updated to work with the applications. You need to deal with license limitations and problems with installations. Hosting services offering SaaS will remove many of these problems. Your business will have predictable and metered payments that can make budgeting much easier. The cost of SaaS is often far lower than other software distribution models.


One of the main benefits is accessibility. Centralized SaaS hosting allows software to be accessed by employees or clients from any location across a fast connection. The host can provide public or private cloud hosting for SaaS. This makes it easy to provide access from multiple workstations in multiple offices. It could even be possible to access SaaS solutions through mobile devices running lightweight clients. This accessibility can take the complexity out of software distribution.

Maximum Uptime

Maintaining a cloud infrastructure in-house can be complex. Small problems could lead to downtime because of limited staff or limited experience. The Volico hosting service removes this problem by using a strong infrastructure that has many redundant systems. The service is able to provide maximum uptime through virtualization that allows pools of hardware resources to be used. This means a single hardware problem will not affect performance. Maximum uptime can prevent periods where SaaS solutions are unavailable. This saves time and money.

Lower Costs

The reality is that building and maintaining the infrastructure necessary to host SaaS applications is very costly. It will require capital expenditures far into the future. It can be difficult to budget for these in-house systems. Third-party SaaS hosting is far more economical. Costs are metered and based on usage. Hardware does not need to be purchased or replaced regularly. The host takes care of everything from daily system maintenance and load balancing to the technical staff. This can provide any size company with access to SaaS solutions.


Hosting services are able to scale up or down as a business needs. Growing businesses can add more services and bandwidth when necessary. Services can be scaled back during a restructuring or slow seasonal period. This scalability allows any SaaS solution to grow alongside a business without requiring regular migration to larger systems.

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