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2015 Hurricane Season

Are Your Servers Ready for the Upcoming 2015 Hurricane Season?

June 1st is the official hurricane season, which should always trigger a very important question in the world of IT: “Does our current Disaster Recovery (DR) plan demonstrate confidence to our business that we can recover if needed?

Business continuity and data availability are two of the most critical aspects of operations and revenue generation. To ensure that operations and data are highly available, you must prepare for and prevent data loss through effective business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

The danger of data loss is especially dangerous for smaller companies, as Hewlett-Packard recently reported, 70 percent of small businesses that suffer any kind of lost data go out of business within one year.

According to the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council (DRP), 3 in 4 companies are at risk of failing to recover from disaster or outage due to an enormous shortfall in DR preparedness.

What’s your plan for improvements in your Disaster Recovery operations? Taking a step back to evaluate your current Disaster Recovery plans, will put you ahead of your competition when the next CAT hits.

Discover how Volico can help you secure your business applications and data — which can affect the survival of your organization — against any significant downtime from natural disasters. See how Volico can help deliver business continuity and data recovery plan tailored for your business.

• 24/7/365.25 Support with Iron-Clad SLAs
• Category 5 Hurricane Resistant Design
• Multi-Factor Authentication System
• Smart-Grid 2N+X Infrastructure
• 3rd generation Tier-IV Facility

There is still time to put a solid plan in place.

Like to take the next step with the world’s leader in disaster recovery?

Have one of our friendly experts contact you to begin the conversation. Learn more about how the disaster recovery plan can help you build a solid, affordable and reliable Disaster Recovery strategy.

•  Call: 888 865 4261
•  Chat with a member of our team to discuss which solution best fits your needs.

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