Choosing the best OS: Linux server vs. Windows Server

Linux vs. Windows

Linux Server A Linux-server is an extremely-powerful version of Linux open-source OS, which is projected to manage the most required necessities of business essentials like database management, network and system administration, and web services. These servers are more often preferred over other OS for flexibility, security, and stability benefits. Linux server OS contains Gentoo, Debian, […]

Bare Metal vs Dedicated Servers – How Do They Compare?

Miami Bare Metal Servers

It is safe to say that choosing the right server is crucial for the success of a business. Are you stuck in deciding between a bare metal or a dedicated server? This article will clear up all the underlying differences between these two options and help you make the best hosting decision to suit your […]

Linux vs. Microsoft Windows Servers

Linux vs. Microsoft Windows, pros and cons of each.

Linux and Microsoft Windows are the two main web-hosting services on the market. Linux is an open source software server, which makes it cheaper and easier to use than a Windows server. Windows is a Microsoft product designed to make Microsoft a profit. For many companies, the profit is worth the price. A Windows server […]

Managed vs. Unmanaged Servers: Which is Right for Your Business?

Managed Colocation

Getting a server for your business is a significant step, but a rewarding one. The ability to host your own site or store your private data onsite, along with uninterrupted access and analysis of trends, makes this a wise investment. However, one of the first decisions you will be required to confront is whether you […]

Linux vs. Windows: How to Choose the Right Server Operating System

Server Operating System

Many business owners and operators are surprised when they hear that Windows is not the dominant enterprise and server platform. For a wide range of tasks, experts often recommend using Linux or another Unix-like platform. However, there are a number of places where Windows can excel, and many businesses come to depend on Windows dedicated […]

Server Uptime: A Fundamental Business Issue

No IT service will ever try to claim that server downtime is acceptable, but many will claim all sorts of issues causing downtime are unavoidable. For businesses that rely more and more heavily on their web presence or web applications to do business, server uptime can be the difference between productivity, financial solvency—even industry presence—and […]

With Global Shortage of IPv4 Addresses, The World Prepares for IPv6

How can IPv6 help?

An IP, Internet Protocol, is the scheme used so computers can communicate with each other. It is a numerical label that assigns a device, such as a computer, to a network. It’s the computer equivalent of the post office system for physical home addresses. A device includes a computer, cell phone, home, automobile, printer, router, […]

Dedicated Servers vs. Public Cloud

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of hosting service

The difference between using the cloud to host your services versus using an in-house, dedicated server is essentially the difference between leasing and buying; between using an in-house IT team or a professional outside team; and between hands-on control versus shared, but more affordable, services. There are pros and cons to each type of information […]

What are the Benefits of a Dedicated Server from Volico?

dedicated servers

For business owners, data security and resource management are often a serious consideration, regardless of industry. Utilizing a dedicated server prevents or alleviates many of the most common concerns for private businesses. Volico Data Center not only offers this service, but also a one-of-a-kind management program to allow for complete control and customization to suit […]

Is SSD Storage Right For Your Business?

SSD Storage

Unless your desktop, laptop or tablet is one of the newest models, you are likely operating on a traditional HHD storage system. This spinning hard drive is the basic permanent storage system for PC’s and essentially is comprised of a spinning metal disk with a magnetic coating. This coating is where your data is stored […]