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Key Data Center Physical Security Measures

Physical Data Center Security

What comes to your mind when you think about data center physical security? Cyberattacks? Data storage? Maybe business uptime? Sure, data center physical security plays a crucial role in all of the above, but that’s not all there is to these facilities. Besides helping businesses store and transfer information safely, data centers must ensure their […]

What’s The Difference Between Data Center Redundancy 2N vs. N+1

Data Center Redundancy

Since the dawn of the modern computer age, data centers have been the foundation for building our computing facilities and networking equipment. Data centers are responsible for storing, collecting, processing, and distributing data. They represent any company’s backbone that relies on applications, networking services, or data to deliver products and services to its customers. Because […]

Bandwidth Vs. Latency: Which Is More Important?

network optimization

These two components have a high impact on how quick and responsive is our internet connection. If you had a choice, would you trade one in favor of the other? Which of the two components would be more beneficial for you, or which one is more important? Before we answer that question, let’s find out […]

Smart Hands Cost-Benefit Analysis

Smart Hands Services

Imagine the following scenario. Late into the night, you receive an alert that a critical part of your server infrastructure has gone down, and the problem requires immediate attention. As a result, your e-commerce platform is no longer working, and customers around the world cannot purchase your products or services. The downtime for servers costs […]

Real-Time Server Monitoring Advantages and Benefits

server monitoring services

As essential tools of the IT industry, both physical and cloud computing servers remain delicate, sometimes unpredictable, and often criminally underused. The data they generate, when collected and analyzed, can provide a wealth of useful information. However, server maintenance and data analysis both require dedicated monitoring, tracking, and storage. How can an IT manager balance those […]

Data Center Tier Levels Explained

Data Center

The need for a globally recognized set of Tier Performance Standards became unavoidable in the mid-1990s. The data center industry grew at an unprecedented rate as the number of businesses with significant Internet needs to be skyrocketed. In response to this critical need, the Uptime Institute developed a Tier Classification and Certification System for data […]

Server Uptime: A Fundamental Business Issue

No IT service will ever try to claim that server downtime is acceptable, but many will claim all sorts of issues causing downtime are unavoidable. For businesses that rely more and more heavily on their web presence or web applications to do business, server uptime can be the difference between productivity, financial solvency—even industry presence—and […]

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