How Bare-Metal Colocation Can Benefit Your Infrastructure

Bare-Metal Colocation

Hosting and maintaining a bare metal server can be expensive. On top of that, running on-premise bare metal servers can be woefully inefficient, especially if you can’t afford the capital investment required to create a fully-fledged data center. Yet, you don’t have to build a data center to host your bare-metal server(s). Instead, you can […]

Bare Metal Server or Cloud Servers? What’s The Difference?

Bare Metal Server or Cloud Servers

With the technological advancements in our modern days, many companies rely on computing services, data, and applications to deliver products and services at a much larger scale than before. For a business to gain a competitive advantage in the market, it is imperative to use networking and online services to grow and succeed. However, the […]

The Pros and Cons of Backup vs. Replication

The pros and cons of backup vs. replication

With more businesses moving their activity in the online space, it is crucial that servers are up and running at all times. Most companies nowadays have online platforms that run 24×7, and they allow for business transactions to be available at any time during the day or night. If the platform goes offline even for […]

Understanding the Benefits of Hyperscale Cloud

The benefits of hyperscale cloud

Hyperscale is the ability to scale computer infrastructure based on the amount of demand. Hyperscale is used for cloud computing, big data, and distributed systems. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google use hyperscale computing. Hyperscale cloud is normally done through off-site data centers. This type of cloud environment is known as the public cloud. The […]

Cloud Security and Reliability: Public vs. Private Cloud

A public cloud is one that is housed at a third-party location away from the company site. A private cloud, in turn, is a cloud system that is hosted at the private company site. A hybrid is a combination of both public and private. There are pros and cons to the public and private sites. […]