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Bandwidth Vs. Latency: Which Is More Important?

network optimization

These two components have a high impact on how quick and responsive is our internet connection. If you had a choice, would you trade one in favor of the other? Which of the two components would be more beneficial for you, or which one is more important? Before we answer that question, let’s find out […]

Data Center Cross Connect Explained

cross connects

Organizations are more and more searching for collocation data centers to fulfill the networking requirements. IDG research states that around 65% of companies are already using third-party facilities as a part of their strategy, and the collocation model appears gaining velocity in the proceeding time. One of the fundamental causes of this trend is the […]

How 95th Percentile Billing is More Beneficial for Volico Clients

95th Percentile Billing

Every business worth its salt has an online presence of some kind, and it uses computers and networks to run a business effectively in this modern business environment. One of the vital aspects of an online presence is bandwidth. Like water or electricity in your home, you pay for “currency” or “current” each month, based […]

The Rapid Global Growth Interconnect Bandwidth

edge data center

As cloud services and distributed networks grow, and the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, the need to be connected across multiple platforms in multiple locations is constantly growing. Standard bandwidth is a metric that measures how much data can be sent over a network. Interconnection bandwidth is a metric that measures how ready a location […]

2017 DDoS Attack Trends

Volico DDoS Mitigation Services

As trends go, 2016 had quite a few positive and negative ones in IT. One of the most prevalent was distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and that progression is expected to continue through the New Year. Some of the specifics will change as prevention strategies improve in efficacy, but that simply means the DDoS […]

Using Dark Fiber, CWDM, and DWDM to Increase Data Center Connectivity

Regional, national, and worldwide businesses across domains must consider a variety of issues when it comes to their information technology. IT departments need to balance the desire for expansion, performance, high bandwidth, and low latency with security, privacy, and regulatory compliance requirements. Expansion can now be achieved by connecting multiple data centers and developing broader […]

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