Data Center Colocation Pricing Questions to Ask Before You Sign

Colocation Pricing Questions

Colocation Pricing – An Overview Colocation pricing is usually charged monthly or yearly and is defined by several factors, including power consumption, internet connectivity usage, and the rack space you use. If your company is looking to rent data center space, colocation may be the right choice. Many companies don’t want the hassle of constantly […]

Choosing the best OS: Linux server vs. Windows Server

Linux vs. Windows

Linux Server A Linux-server is an extremely-powerful version of Linux open-source OS, which is projected to manage the most required necessities of business essentials like database management, network and system administration, and web services. These servers are more often preferred over other OS for flexibility, security, and stability benefits. Linux server OS contains Gentoo, Debian, […]

Linux vs. Microsoft Windows Servers

Linux vs. Microsoft Windows, pros and cons of each.

Linux and Microsoft Windows are the two main web-hosting services on the market. Linux is an open source software server, which makes it cheaper and easier to use than a Windows server. Windows is a Microsoft product designed to make Microsoft a profit. For many companies, the profit is worth the price. A Windows server […]

Must-Ask Questions Before Signing with a Colocation Provider

It’s always best to ask questions before you sign a contract, not just for legal reasons, but also for practical reasons. When signing with a colocation provider, by asking the right questions, you can make the best choices for your IT needs. Some of the key questions to ask before entering into a colocation contract […]

Server Uptime: A Fundamental Business Issue

No IT service will ever try to claim that server downtime is acceptable, but many will claim all sorts of issues causing downtime are unavoidable. For businesses that rely more and more heavily on their web presence or web applications to do business, server uptime can be the difference between productivity, financial solvency—even industry presence—and […]

Uptime & Availability – How to Maintain Data Center Availability and Maximize Uptime

Data Center Availability

If you run a data center, it’s crucial to maximize uptime and availability. Some businesses can quickly grind to a halt if their websites, email systems, or databases cease to function. Long-term downtime may trigger considerable losses in productivity and sales. Fortunately, there are a number of effective ways to maintain data center availability. Equipment […]

How Real-Time Monitoring Can Help Your Network Servers

Real-Time Monitoring

Servers need to be monitored in order to continue working as efficiently as possible. Not all businesses have the resources or expertise to monitor systems effectively. Having a company monitor your servers in real-time can help in several ways. Increased Performance One of the main ways that Server Monitoring can help is by increasing performance. […]

Why Businesses Should Consider Colocation Hosting

Colocation Hosting

When businesses and individuals research server solutions, they find one of two things: (1) They need to spend large sums of money to purchase the support, hardware, and other infrastructure they need; or (2) they need to settle for insufficient solutions due to the prohibitive cost of renting or purchasing an adequate solution. This leaves […]

What You Should Know About Off-Site Colocation Hosting

Colocation Hosting

Colocation refers to off-site data storage that’s typically found in an off-site data storage center. Many businesses can circumvent the loss of data by including a hosting solution in their businesses. Data loss may consist of loss from fires, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Companies who want a greater degree of security most often […]

How Managed Hosting Can Help Your Business?

Managed Hosting

Any business that has their own servers and IT infrastructure know that it takes a team of skilled individuals to maintain and operate that system. This is an ongoing process that costs the company endless money in man hours and equipment costs. Yet, there’s no way a business can function without having these systems in […]