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Biggest Challenges of the Data Center Industry

Data Center Challenges

As the world keeps evolving in the direction of digital transformation, a number of pivotal data center challenges are arising along the line. With the recent rise of AI applications, the IoT, and edge demand, the industry has to put an increased effort into coping with the immense volumes of data generated each minute. Keeping […]

Ransomware Recovery: The Ultimate Guide in 2024

ransomware recovery

Without a doubt, most businesses encounter attacks in one form or another. Threats evolve in tandem with technology and become increasingly sophisticated due to the availability of new tools – and the immutability of human error. After experiencing an incident, ransomware recovery is a complex and costly procedure for businesses. The coping strategy is the […]

The Rising Costs of Data Breaches. What Businesses Can Expect to Pay in 2024?

data breach

Data breaches. The worst thing that can happen to a business. As with any major catastrophic event that can hit a company, a data breach also seem unlikely to happen. However, they do happen, and when they do, the results can be devastating. An incident can cost millions, and about 30% of smaller or medium-sized […]

Why Can the Average Cost of a Data Breach reach into the Millions?

Average Cost of a Data Breach

A data breach is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in 2019. Countless companies and governments around the world have suffered ransomware attacks and DDoS attacks that have left them helpless to deal with the damage at hand. It’s come to the point that these data breaches can cost companies millions of dollars in damages. There are multiple […]

Why Are Ransomware Developers Dropping Bitcoin for Monero / XMR

penetration testing

Cryptocurrency has established itself as the payment method of choice for cybercriminals due to its decentralized nature, lack of government regulation, and relative anonymity.  As popular digital currencies like Bitcoin have snowballed in both public awareness and value, criminals are turning to alternatives that offer an even higher level of privacy and less volatility.  Today, […]

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