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Select a MSSP for Your Business
Managed Services

How to Select an MSSP Partner?

An MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) Partner is chosen by organizations for several reasons like security, talent shortage, budget cuts and the complexity of trying

hosted firewall vs. managed firewall
Managed Services

Hosted Firewall vs. Managed Firewall

Firewalls are designed to protect your computer infrastructure (networks and computers) from malicious attacks. The firewalls control what information can go in and what data

Reduce the impact of malicious evolving threats to your business anywhere your data goes with Managed Security Services.
Managed Services

Managed Security Services: Service Provider Benefits

Business security needs can be a complex issue to tackle. Particularly for nontechnology-oriented businesses, the day-to-day burdens of cyber security, firewall management, malware avoidance, customer

Types of firewall protections
Managed Services

Firewalls: The Essential Buyer’s Guide

Firewalls help to protect computers, applications, and networks from external attacks. They are essentially security software that serves as the gatekeeper for networks, making sure

VPS cloud hosting
Cloud Hosting

Dedicated Servers vs. Public Cloud

The difference between using the cloud to host your services versus using an in-house, dedicated server is essentially the difference between leasing and buying; between

Volico DDoS Mitigation Services
Backup and Storage

2017 DDoS Attack Trends

As trends go, 2016 had quite a few positive and negative ones in IT. One of the most prevalent was distributed denial of service (DDoS)

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