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Category: Backup and Storage

Know the Differences between Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective
Backup and Storage

RTO & RPO: Know the Differences

Disaster Recovery: The Basics How well would your company fare if your area was struck by a natural disaster tomorrow? Would your business survive? Would

Backup and Storage

Ransomware as-a-Service (RaaS) Explained

Ransomware as-a-Service is making cyber crime all too easy. Now, criminals don’t have to create this malicious type of software. They can essentially use it

essential storage management considerations
Backup and Storage

What Is Storage Management and Do You Need It?

Every company should have a storage management plan. As your business prospers, new customers are added, old customers return, new applications are purchased, networks grow

Volico DDoS Mitigation Services
Backup and Storage

2017 DDoS Attack Trends

As trends go, 2016 had quite a few positive and negative ones in IT. One of the most prevalent was distributed denial of service (DDoS)

Backup and Storage

What to Do After a Data Breach

Data breaches occur in every type of industry – healthcare, retail, financial services, communications, and any business you can think of. Proper planning to avoid

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