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Migrating From VMware: The Best Alternatives and Practices

VMware rising prices

Following Broadcom’s acquisition in November 2023, companies slowly started migrating from VMware as the change of power negatively affected a significant number of smaller businesses. VMware is known as a leading vendor of virtualization technologies, and it is widely used and loved by many for its versatility, efficiency, and affordability. However, Broadcom’s recent acquisition of […]

VMware 10X Price Increase Leaves Companies Looking for Alternatives

VMware rising prices

The VMware price increase followed by Broadcom’s acquisition is rocking boats in the tech world, and to no surprise: Broadcom’s shift of focus on larger companies leaves smaller VMware customers in extremely unfavorable situations. The acquisition of VMware started way back in May 2022, when Broadcom announced the plans, which became a reality not long […]

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