Bare Metal Server or Cloud Servers? What’s The Difference?

Bare Metal Server or Cloud Servers

With the technological advancements in our modern days, many companies rely on computing services, data, and applications to deliver products and services at a much larger scale than before. For a business to gain a competitive advantage in the market, it is imperative to use networking and online services to grow and succeed. However, the […]

Why you should choose a Carrier Neutral Colocation Data Center

Carrier Neutral Data Center

Colocation data centers offer a vast array of services and benefits to the companies finding out the ways to relieve themselves from the hassle and expense of maintaining their personal, on-premise IT infrastructure. Choosing a data center for your business is not a small step. Apart from the very first queries of server space, power […]

Must-Ask Questions Before Signing with a Colocation Provider

It’s always best to ask questions before you sign a contract, not just for legal reasons, but also for practical reasons. When signing with a colocation provider, by asking the right questions, you can make the best choices for your IT needs. Some of the key questions to ask before entering into a colocation contract […]

Why is Hyper-Convergence Technology Booming?


Hyper-Convergence technology is a computer infrastructure used by data centers to integrate virtualization, storage, networking, and computing resources. All of these resources are optimized to work together, supported a single system run by a single vendor. Hyper-Convergence is a new idea – the next level after converged infrastructures. Hyper-convergence helps data centers meet their scalability […]

Understanding The Advantages of Moving from Shared Hosting to Enterprise Hosting


A reliable, efficient, and secure web-hosting provider is vital to business continuity in today’s web-based world. Choosing the right hosting provider for your business depends on a number of factors that range from bandwidth needs to budgetary concerns. Shared hosting is currently the most commonly utilized hosting service. For businesses with low traffic volumes and […]