Should Healthcare Organizations Continue to Maintain On-Premises Data Centers?

on-premises data centers

Healthcare facilities haven’t always been fans of cloud computing.  Not too long ago, the prevailing opinion was that the cloud wasn’t secure enough for healthcare data, and it was safer to store it on-site – On-Premises Data Centers. Fast forward, the healthcare industry is choking with data.  Consider, for instance, the 2018 Statista projection that […]

What’s Driving the Adoption of Edge Computing in the Healthcare Sector

edge computing healthcare

The healthcare industry is drowning in data. According to a 2020 Dell survey, healthcare and life sciences data grew by a staggering 900% over the last two years, with 10 to 15 devices connected to the hospital bedside. New tools are being deployed by modern health systems, hospitals, and providers, and new models of care […]

Why Data Centers are Essential for the Healthcare Industry

Why Data Centers Are Important for the Health Care Industry

Healthcare managers increasingly recognize how critical IT and data center transformation is to overall organizational growth. The healthcare industry is constantly involving today. More and more technology-driven solutions to healthcare problems are coming to the fore. This is most noticeable through the prevalence of smartwatches and applications in smartphones that monitor heart rates and other vitals. […]